Guest Post from Dal Tavernor – Top 5 Chandeliers For Your Barn Conversion

top 5 chandeliers for your barn conversion

Today I am handing over to Dal Tavernor to chat to you all about some home interior lighting, specifically Chandeliers!

Listed properties and barn conversions have the advantage of coming with a whole host of distinctive and attractive features and with the right lighting you can accentuate those features and give the property that right ambiance. 

Unfortunately, it can go both ways. The right lighting can really have a positive impact on the atmosphere and ambiance of the room where as the wrong lighting can swallow those features, they can get lost.

In this article, we’re going to give some tips on lighting for barn conversions and some great examples of lighting.

Lamps in dark corners. Barn conversions often have smaller dimensions, which can make the room feel darker and smaller than it actually is. However, you can add lighting to the corners to create the sense of space and give a warm, intimate glow.


Wood. Understandably, many barn conversions will have wooden features. Beams or fireplaces and the like. Wood is a truly beautiful material but too much of any dark material like wood can make a room feel small and stuffy. We can use light to highlight larger spaces like walls, for nice contract. Additionally, we can take a look at using chandeliers to light larger areas.


Highlight the unique features. One of the main reasons people want to convert barns is for the features of the original building. The beams or windows, chimney or fireplace. A medieval style light often compliments features like beams. As do wall mounted lighting either side of an opposing fireplace. 


Pick a theme, and stick to it. You don’t necessarily need to pick lighting that matches the age of your property you can choose lighting that’s contemporary and have the same style run through the barn conversion. For example, a modern chandelier can offset interior with a 60’s theme, however it’s usually not a good idea to try and combine 2 contracting styles, for example, a 60’s decor with a Victorian chandelier.Top 5 Chandelier for barn conversions

We’ve handpicked 5 chandeliers that fit really well with barn conversions.

Chrome 6-branch-cage-chandelier – 
This contemporary chandelier offers the perfect contrast to the original character features of a conversion thanks to it’s sharp modern design and use of chrome. It has enough character to become it’s own focal point whilst using it’s 6 branches to highlight the character features of the room.

Chrome Crystal Glass 5-Light Luxury Chandelier – 
One of the most popular chandeliers right now is this elegant 5 light option. Again with Chrome and boasting delicate yet clear crystal accents. Sometimes, with a barn conversion we need an elegant centrepiece and this is a wonderful option. It’s almost classical.

Bodiam LED Suspension – 
This chandelier is a modern masterpiece in design that has strong influences from the medieval past. The chandelier itself is no more than a thick metal ring that houses LED modules that give illumination from the inside. However, the overall result is so much more.

Chrome Extra Large Sphere Shade Chandelier – Modern chandeliers offer great contrast to the features of a barn conversion and this Sphere shaped Chandelier. This exquisite option catches the imagination of your guests and compliments the features of the room at the same time. It’s a chandelier that is both understated and subtle, whilst being a prominent feature of the room.

Meurice 42 Light Sputnik Chandelier – 
This futuristic chandelier boasts 42 lights that helps to illuminate your conversion with a warm ambiance, it’s especially good with larger spaces. The 25-watt bulbs offer shimmering effect. This rectangular shaped fixture is unique in design making it an amazing feature to have in the home, a work of art itself that brings the best out of the room.

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