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So ladies and gents today is the 1st official day of our holiday!! yay!! When this goes live we are probably in the airport waiting to fly to San Francisco, my first time visiting there and Elian’s first flight!! (wish us luck!!!) We are visiting Jons Grandfather for the first time. He hasn’t been able to meet Elian yet, only via Skype, so it should be a really nice family holiday. I’ll be blogging and vlogging lots of our trip when I return but I didn’t want to leave you guys without any posts for the next 2 weeks while we are gone, so I have lined up a whole host of awesome guest bloggers for you (aren’t you lucky!!)

As always my guest posts take the form of Top 5’s and I have all sorts of wonderful and fun Top 5 posts lined up for you. Today I am handing over to Kayleigh from Coffee & Blogging to talk about her Top 5 Desk Essentials…  

Hey everyone, I’m Kayleigh from the UK lifestyle blog – Coffee & Blogging. I’m a flavoured coffee enthusiast, nutella-obsessed and sushi-loving girl, who simply loves to natter about life, a little beauty and travel, but also share my knowledge and advice on blogging through my series of blogging tip posts.

Today I want to share my top 5 desk essentials, because my desk is where I spend most my free time; this is where I do overtime for my full-time job, study for my part-time course and also do all my blog work. So a lot is going on when sat at my desk, which is why I need a few staple pieces/desk essentials on standby, ready for when I need them.

1 | Notebook and pen. May seem a little old school, but sometimes I simply need to jot stuff down rather than typing it up or putting it into spreadsheets etc. Therefore, having a notebook and pen sat on my desk is essential for me. As for pens, well you can never have too many in my eyes! I have my favourite Little Miss Blogger mug my twin sister bought me, which holds all my coloured Sharpies and Staedtler pens to make my desk space more colourful and exciting.

2 | Water bottle or glass. I always make myself a cuppa (or brew if that’s what you call it) the moment I first go to sit at my desk, but I also always make sure I have a water bottle at the ready too. I can end up sitting at my desk for hours on end in the evenings, or even on the weekends if I have nothing planned, and that seems I can sometimes get caught up in work and forget to make myself a drink. Therefore, having a water bottle by my side encourages me to drink more and stay focused and hydrated.

3 | Printer. This may not be for everyone, plus it’s the most expensive in my top 5 desk essentials, but a printer is vital for me. Because I work and study at my desk, as well as blog, I do require a printer for assignments, reports, but also for when printing artwork and word art for props to use in blog photographs. I use my printer at least 2-3 times a week, so it comes in very handy for me.

4 | Glasses. I wear glasses to help with the fact that I struggle to read things up close, but when using a computer all day long for my day job and then in the evenings, it can affect my eyes from time to time. Therefore, I recently got the anti-reflection coating put onto my glasses to help take the strain off my eyes and it makes such a big difference! Therefore, my glasses will always be by my side – whether at my work desk or home office.

5 | Facial Mist/Spray. I never understand when some women tell me they have a makeup bag at their desk at work for ‘emergencies’, because I’m not at work to top up on my mascara or lipstick. However, one beauty essential I do like to have at my desk, is a facial mist. These are perfect if you’re getting tired, as they help wake you up and make you feel refreshed. Better yet, if the room is warm, it’s good to keep your skin hydrated too, which simply helps you feel refreshed altogether.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 desk essentials!

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