Guest Post from Iga Berry – 5 Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Aberdeen


Whilst we are away in San Francisco I’ve left the blog in the capable hands of a whole host of wonderful bloggers, talking to you about a ton of different subjects from fashion and food, to travel and even the Zombie Apocalypse. Today Iga Berry is gonna chat to you about 5 reasons you will love visiting Aberdeen! 

Hello, I am Iga Berry from I share tips and tricks to have a travelicious life home and abroad. I would love to share with you today 5 things that will make you fall in love with Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is a port city where old meets new.

  1. Sunny days do not happen often but when they do Aberdeen is really breath-taking. Despite what everyone says, you can get tanned here. It just takes a lot of time.
  2. Aberdeen is quite small in comparison to other UK cities, especially high street, but it will surprise you with the variety of people you will meet. Scotland is embracing creativity and people express themselves more and more, which is fantastic!
  3. Aberdeen is called a granite city for a reason. Best time to appreciate it is after the rain when sun comes out and buildings just shine. Also architecture is very interesting especially with current new developments. It gives Aberdeen a modern edge.
  4. When you least expect it you will find a new festival or event. Last one I took part in was all about combining sound and light for artistic expression. You can see more photos from Spectra Festival here.
  5. We have cat café so if you are in need for cuddles you know where to go.

What would a visitor fall in love with in the place you live in?

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