5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Tips to clean your bathroomWhen it comes to giving your home a Spring clean, one of the rooms of the home that’s likely begging for a bit of TLC is the bathroom. From mucky mirrors, mouldy walls and meldew left right and centre, neglected bathrooms can get out of control in no time, turning the picturesque bathroom you once had into a thing of the past. If your bathroom is due a much needed tidy up, take a look at this guide to the top 5 things you can do to ensure it’s looking spick and span in no time.

Organise your bits and bobs

Is your bath surrounded by year old, empty shampoo bottles or your medicine cabinet turned into a jungle of loose dental floss and dried up toothpaste? One of the first steps in cleaning up your bathroom is to see what items you should keep and which to throw away. Keep only the most necessary items and chuck out anything old or questionable – if you can’t remember when you bought it, don’t use it!

Do some dusting

During general cleaning, we often neglect areas of our room’s that gather dust and dirt easily. Before cleaning your bathroom, prepare by dusting any walls, corners and vents that have accumulated dust. You might find it useful to invest in a long handled duster for this, or bring a stool in for those hard to reach areas.

Get rid of mould

Mould on walls can appear as cracked or peeling paint, discolouration and bulging and spots, and it’s certainly not something you need in your bathroom! Bathrooms are prone to growing mould due to the humidity and damp atmosphere. Luckily there are lots of mould control products you can use, such as specialist cleaning products to tidy up messy walls, and biocidal paint that protects from mould and prevents any further growth.

Scrub your tiles

Bathroom tiles can easily gather stains and marks over the years, so make sure to leave your shower and floor tiles, along with your bath and any other surfaces gleaming. There are some simple DIY mixtures you can whip up that are perfect for cleaning tiles and ceramic areas, such as a 50/50 solution of water to vinegar.

Add the finishing touches

After you’ve given your bathroom a good scrub, add some finishing touches like a scented candle to bring some more freshness into the room, and consider buying some new accessories. If your mat and shower curtain are looking a bit mucky and worn out, update them with some new alternatives for a sparkling space you can be proud of! Here are a few of my favourite picks to add some glamour to your bathroom. 

Bathroom Accessories

Soap Dish/ Candle / Bath Mat / Shower Curtain / Print 

Do you have any more go-to ways to give your bathroom a Spring clean? Comment below with your tips.

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Tips to clean your bathroom

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