Blogger Income and Stats Report – March 2017

Blogger income and stats for marchSorry this is late up, as per usual with me. I simply cannot keep to a schedule these days as Elian’s sleeping patterns and me having free time to write are so sporadic that I simply have no idea when i might get a few minutes to blog, vlog or edit. But I thought I would at least get this up ASAP towards the start of the month as it seemed my blogger income and stats report was a fairly popular post last month.

This month has been a little different though as I essentially took 2 weeks off to go on our holiday to America, so I have had guest bloggers in for 2 weeks this month and obviously havent been doing any paid work during this time. That being said I did a decent amount of work before I left so we would have a little extra spending money for our break, and I had a few outstanding payments from February which luckily did clear before I went away.

I have included my earnings from the writing site Hubpages where I have 2 accounts with around 100 live articles although these now earn passive income as I no longer write on the site. Plus any commission I make using Affiliate Window for this month. I set the limited to £500 to use as a holiday saving and was happy to finally reach it after just short of a year and that did pay out during March, but I am only including the affiliate amount I make each month on these as a guide.

So this month I had 10,682 page views, 7,241 of which were unique views, this is a pretty big drop from last month but I always expect this when I take a holiday as I am not around to promote and interact as much with my readers, hopefully this will go back up again this month (although the good weather always knocks blog views). Second month on TOTS100 and I went up 1 place to 229, but I am expecting this to drop next month after the low page views on the blog!. My DA is always a bit bouncy to be honest and this month we are at 26 again.

My followings on the 1st of March are

Facebook: 1,143
Twitter: 2,244
Instagram: 1,357
Pinterest: 421
Bloglovin: 873
YouTube: 242
My earnings during March were:

Sponsored Post Fees: £510
Affiliate Marketing: £3.07
Other Writing Work: none
Total Income: £513.07

Facebook Fees: £8
Paypal Fees: £7
Total Expenses: £15

Total Income Less Expenses: £498.07 (plus my affiliate payout of £500)

I don’t think this month coming will be anywhere near as good as I haven’t been able to line up a lot of work due to the holiday and being so busy with our photography company this month. We are going into wedding season for the business so I tend not to prioritise blogging quite as much through the summer.

In addition to this I have received these items to test out and review – My First Year Clothing and Wooden Toy for Elian, Night in San Remo Hotel in San Francisco, Meal in Fior d’Italia in San Fransisco, San Fransisco City Pass, Old Town Sacramento Attraction Ticket, Ticket for Alcatraz Visit, Degustabox. Total value approx: I have no idea in all honesty!

My Top 3 posts from this month were:

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Guest Post from Abi Bumbles – Top 5 Questions about Tattoo’s Answered
Guest Post from Call Me Liz – Top 5 Fashion Websites

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