7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her – Copper and Wool Gift Ideas

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas - copper gift ideas

So 7 years today me and Jon tied the knot. After 5 years together (4 of those engaged) we thought it was about time! hehe! Although we were still pretty young at just 22, we knew we were meant to be together and 7 years later nothing has changed, except the addition of our little dude to grow our family that little bit more.

We always said we wouldn’t spend lots of money on anniversary gifts but instead would try to be creative and stick to the traditional (old or new) wedding anniversary gift themes, and my family have enjoyed playing along with this too! This has seen us with theatre and comedian ticket for our 1 Year ‘Paper’ Anniversary, New clothes for our 2nd ‘Cotton’ anniversary, Wooden Photo Props and some stunning wooden brooches for our 5th ‘Wood’ anniversary and bags of Haribo for our 6th ‘Candy’ anniversary. This year though is Copper or Wool (or Desk Organisers?!?! Weirdly!) so I have been on the look out for a perfect sweet copper or wool gift for Jon for today, which I am sure I will share on Instagram at some point today if you want to go have a nose at what I got him.

But for those of you looking for a 7th Copper wedding anniversary or Wool anniversary gift here are a few suggestions for him and for her!

Let me know in the comments what you bought your other half for your 7th wedding anniversary? Did you stick to traditional gifts?

For Him – Copper Gifts

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas -copper gift ideas

Copper Stamped Keyring / Copper and Leather Bracelet /  Copper Polaroid Style Photo / Copper Hipflask / Copper Mug

For Her – Copper Gifts7th wedding anniversary gift ideas - copper gift ideas

Copper Heart Decoration / Copper Resin Necklace / Copper Ring / Copper Candle Holder / Copper Mason Jars / Copper Earring Organiser 

For Him – Wool Gifts7th wedding anniversary gift ideas - wool gift ideas

Wool Jumper / Sock Subscription! / Harris Tweed Wallet / Merino Wool Scarf / Felted Wool Soap Pebbles

For Her – Wool Gifts 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas - wool gift ideas

Wool Throw / Felted Wool Rainbow Necklace / Felted Wool Garland / Felted Wool Hanging Heart / Ewe and Me Sheep Art (not technically wool, but sheep!!)

If your on a budget don’t worry! There are plenty of great vouchers codes and discount codes available on line that can save you a few pennies (or a few pounds!) on that perfect gift for your other half.

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7th wedding anniversary gift ideas - wool gift ideas

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