5 easy ways to add some hygge to your home

How to add some hygge to your homeYou’ve likely heard of the Danish phenomenon of hygge by now, a concept centred around being present and enjoying sweet, cosy moments spent alone or with family and friends. With people living such hectic and busy lives, it’s easily to get wrapped up in the day-to-day goings on, and take life for granted without ever stopping to appreciate the small things. If you’re hoping to add some hygge to your home but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some tips and tricks to create a living space guaranteed to bring out anyone’s sentimental side!

Add soft furnishings

Since Hygge is all about getting nice and cosy, you’ll need to make sure your home furnishings live up to this theme. Textured accessories are a huge part of the trend, so make sure you mix and match all the chunky knits and faux fur you can get your hands on. Cuddle up on your sofa with some soft blankets and cushions, and bring shaggy rugs into your living room to add to the comfortable feel.

Light candles

The ultimate self care staple, an easy way to give any room a touch of hygge is to fill it with candles. Find candles in comforting, earthy scents such as sandalwood and place them around the room to create the perfect chilled out space. Simply lighting a candle while eating dinner or enjoying your morning coffee is a small act that can induce that warm feeling that hygge aims to create so easily.

Dim lighting

When snuggling on the sofa after a long day, the last thing you want is bright, overpowering lights shining down on you. Make sure you choose soft lighting options such as lamps in corners of the room to add to the relaxed feel of your home.

Limit electronic use

Hygge is big on reconnecting with loved ones by chatting and being present around others, therefore if you’re wanting to adopt this lifestyle then limiting technology use is definitely something to consider. Try and create a space in the home away from the TV, and fill it with bits and bobs such as books and magazines that you can relax with. You’d be surprised how liberating it can feel to schedule this time to spend unwinding without having to rely on the internet or re-runs of the same old reality show, and it’s also a great example to set to little ones.

Update your kitchenware

You don’t need to spend a fortune on products to give your home a hygge makeover (it’s actually discouraged to be too concerned by material things) but you should definitely consider finding some cute bits and bobs for your kitchen and dining area. The simple act of drinking tea from a beautiful teapot and china set or grabbing a biscuit from a gorgeous ceramic container can be enough to make you smile and enjoy the moment!

Here are a few of my favourite Hygge inspired items to help you get that perfect cozy feeling at home

Tips for adding some hygge to your home

Blanket / Orla Kiely Teapot / Lamps / Geometric Candle Holder / Fluffy Cushion

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Tips for adding some hygge style to your home

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