How to choose the perfect shoes for your child

choosing kids shoes

The dude is almost walking now, he is probably most happiest when he is on his feet in fact. He has taken his first few steps but doesn’t have the confidence to walk on his own properly yet. But as he is now on his feet all the time we thought it was about time we got him his first shoes. So when we were in American on holiday we purchased his first ever pair of shoes, these cute black trainers! You can see it in this little holiday vlog from our second day in the US.

Choosing kids shoes can often be a difficult, time consuming task. When looking for a pair of shoes for your child, you can be tempted to go for the first pair they’re happy with, which more often than not will end up uncomfortable, mucky and scuffed up in no time at all. This guide has some quick tips and advice to remember when buying your child’s shoes, and ensures you’ll find a pair that you and your little one will love.

Make sure you get the right size

Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing, therefore it’s vital they wear appropriate footwear during their early years to ensure healthy feet. Before looking at shoe styles, you should get their feet measured to make sure you know their exact size. Often kids feet can vary in one foot compared to the other, so it’s good to know if this is the case so you can buy shoes that cater to each different size. Since kids feet grow so frequently, it can be tempting to buy shoes in a larger size to accommodate their growth. But while this saves on shopping trips, it can also damage your child’s feet from trying to walk in ill-fitting shoes and increases the likelihood of tripping, so always go for footwear in the perfect fit.

Go for good quality

Once you’ve got your little one’s measurements down, you need to hunt for the right style of shoe. It’s important to think about quality, to ensure the shoes last for a long time and are made with durable materials like canvas and leather. Designer shoes may be a good way to go when looking for high quality, and there are lots of great options for kids designer wear to choose from that combine comfort with stylish designs.

Consider practicality

The final thing to think about during your quest for the perfect child’s shoes, is to remember to consider practical elements. Children get up to all sorts of activities throughout the day, such as running around, skipping and climbing – all of which need suitable shoes to guarantee they’re comfortable and not at risk of injury. It’s also not wise to go for shoes in light shades, as they’re bound to be a muddy mess in no time. Go for designs in darker colours and with velcro, laces or some sort of fastening to keep them nice and secure, and when possible, seek out shoes with textured soles which will provide grip and stop them slipping easily.

choosing kids shoes


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