5 steps to the ultimate bathroom makeover

Bathroom Makeover

It’s normal to get bored of the interiors of your home from time to time, especially when you see it so often. One room in the home that’s often overlooked however, is the bathroom, which over time can start to look old, dingy and in need of some serious TLC. If your bathroom is looking pretty rough around the edges lately and could do with an update, then take a look at these 5 steps to the perfect bathroom makeover.


Clean it up

When giving any room an update, the first thing you’ll want to do is clean the space. Make sure you clean every corner of your bathroom, including all those hard to reach areas, and pay special attention to areas you might usually neglect such as the plughole and shower nozzle. If you have mould in your bathroom, get rid of it with a specialist cleaning product and prevent any further growth by properly ventilating the room.


Re-paint your walls

Nothing breathes new life into a room like a bright pop of colour, which is why transforming your bathroom walls with a new lick of paint is the perfect way to makeover the space. If you’re prone to mould, look for a paint containing mildewcide additive to keep your walls looking fresher for longer.


Give your shower a boost

There’s few better ways to relax and wind down than with a nice long hot shower or bath, but if your bathroom has been neglected for a while, you may be noticing some issues with your water pressure. At times when the demand for water is highest, such as in the mornings, water pressure can plummet leaving you with a slow, trickling shower. Give your shower a little nudge by investing in a booster set to ensure you get the most out of your newly renovated bathroom!


Re-tile your floor

There are so many amazing choices out there when it comes to floor tiles, with designs and colours to instantly makeover any bathroom. Choose tiles in a shade that will compliment the colour palette of the rest of the room, and look for unusual patterns to give the space a stylish, quirky feel. If you want a more traditional look, consider waterproof flooring with a classic wood design.


Add some fun accessories

Now you have the majority of your bathroom renewed, it’s time to have fun with some accessories. Buying new shower curtains, bathroom rugs and window blinds are all easy ways to do this, matching your accessories to the rest of the bathroom decor. This is also the perfect opportunity to think outside the box with some DIY additions to the room. Use mason jars and old glass containers to store toothbrushes or soaps to keep everything looking tidy, and get creative with ways to hang towels or keep bits and bobs together.

Here are some of my favourite bathroom accessories:

Bathroom makeover accessories

Marble Tumbler / Soap Dispenser / Light Pull / Bath Towels / Shower Curtain / Bath Caddy / Bath Mat / Bathroom Print

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