May Degustabox UK Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

Degustabox UK

These months seem to be rolling around quickly, I can’t believe we are in June already, and the little man turns 1 next week! Where the heck has the last year gone!! But a new month means a new Degustabox UK delivery too! So this is the May Picnic box which arrived a few weeks ago. As always I filmed a quick unboxing for you guys but this time it features Jon helping me out with the taste testing as he couldn’t resist the Dairy Milk!!

If you missed the last unboxing and review check it out here!

As always here’s a discount code if you fancy trying out the box for yourself! Use code: ’65K3Q’ here for £7 off your first box which is a total bargain so you should totally order one!

So here is what we received and what we thought:

  • Zeo Soft Drinks – £1.19 – I’ve since drunk this can and I loved it. I find them really refreshing when they are ice cold. So pop it in the fridge or serve over ice to quench that thirst in this current heat.
  • Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer – £1.89 – Although we don’t drink I do use things like this in my cooking, so this has been saved to bake a ham joint in, it is yummy!
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp – £3.49 – Well you can guess how long this lasted! It was delicious! We popped it in the fridge to keep it cold and hard and demolished it by tea time!
  • MOMA Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Bircher Muesli – £3.20 – I’m not a big cereal eater but really enjoyed this mixed with some yogurt! I didn’t add the apple juice like they suggested as I thought the yogurt was enough liquid to soften it all. Ive also used it to sprinkle over my fruit and yogurt that I have for breakfast as part of my Slimming World Diet, it adds a nice little crunch.
  • Millions chocolate – 2 x £0.50 – Although we werent too sure of them when we did the unboxing we did both polish off a pack each in the end! I think you just need to suck the chocolate off first before chewing them.
  • Millions sour – £0.60 – Not my cup of tea as I don’t like sour sweets, but Jon enjoyed them and I am sure kids who like sour stuff would love them.
  • Cereal Lovers CrunchTime Nuggets – £1.59 – Oh my! These are flipping yummy! So moorish, not good for my diet as I sat down one evening to try a few whilst getting the baby off to sleep, and ate the entire pack way too easily! Really yummy, and I will be looking for them in the shops.
  • Deli Kitchen Skinni Wrap – £1.25 – To be honest they just taste like a regular wrap but are lighter in calories and have the pocket fold shape to them. A great alternative if your trying to reduce calories as you won’t notice a taste difference. Little man enjoyed most of them with ham and cheese for his lunch 
  • Homepride Strong White Bread Flour – £1.50 – I haven’t used this yet as I’m not eating bread at the moment, but I have used this flour in the past in my bread maker and I always love it.
  • Hippeas In Herbs We Trust – £1.50 – These had an unusual taste but I really enjoyed them. I am a big crisp eater usually so these were a great alternative to a regular pack of potato crisps
  • Portlebay Popcorn – £0.79 – These have kindly been donated to my dad for him to take into work as neither of us can deal with the spice, lol!
  • Candy Kittens – £3.00 – I really loved these sweets! Sweets are my thing and these were really yummy. Not sure I would say they tasted like Eaton Mess but that really didn’t matter to me, they were sweet, fruity and chewy
  • Striking El Salvador Coffee Bean Bags – £4.50 – Now as a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker, I wasnt sure about these, but in all honesty I am now half way through the box and I love them. They may convert me to drinking coffee at home! I’ve never been a fan of instant coffee at home which is why I only tend to drink it in coffee shops when I can have a latte, but this coffee is lovely with a dash of milk and a small sugar. Plus so convenient in the little ‘tea bags’

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*I am provided the box in exchange for an honest review*

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