Where The Heck Has The Last Year Gone? – Elian at 1 Year Old

One Year Old Milestones - Elian Thomas Cross-JonesI literally cannot believe I am typing this, but our Little Dude is 1 Year old today!! This last year has flown by. People tell you before your baby arrives that time goes so much faster once they are born and they grow far too quickly and you simply don’t believe them, but sadly it is all totally true! 12 months have never gone by so quickly as this last year with our amazing little man. And he really is that, an amazing little man, I cannot express how much we love this little person and how much he has changed our lives.

His 10 month update totally went astray yet again so I haven’t updated you guys since he was 8 months old, and he has changed so much since then it is scary!

Happy Birthday Little Man!!

One Year Old Milestones - Elian Cross-Jones

He Loves: The Lorax (still totally obsessed!!), Frozen and Moana! Food, cuddles and kisses, running around after Opie and stealing his toys, climbing on anything and everything, he is still a boob man!! Loves to play peek-a-boo and roaring (for no reason!)

He Hates: Still not a fan of the car (unless he can have the Lorax playing on the iPad!) or getting changed/dressed, being woken up, taking his yogurt away even when its empty, sitting still (especially if we want a photo!!)

Milestones: Well I suppose the biggest one is below! He’s a walker!! Officially taking his first proper walk on May 24th! Before this he had taken 2 or 3 steps between furniture but on the 24th he was off, and we haven’t been able to stop him since!

After having no teeth until 10 months old we sprouted 6 in the space of a month. He eats pretty much everything now, but I am mighty proud to say we have our Golden Boobies as of today after making it to 1 year of breastfeeding and I can’t see us stopping anytime soon.

Speech wise we don’t get much more than ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ at the moment, but we can see he is starting to understand more and more when we talk to him.

When playing he likes to stack his stacking ring toy, then remove them and start again. He likes putting items in his stacking boxes, then tipping them out again. And he is slowly working out how some of his other toys work like the jack’in’the box pop up animals.

Not really a milestone but we’re still doing our Water Babies Classes and Elian adores the water. He is great at being dunked now, holding on to the side and taking his own weight. He stretches out for toys and loves to kick his legs. We are really seeing how much he has progressed over the last year and we are looking forward to seeing him starting to dive in by himself and actually start paddling in the water.

Sleeping: Well he still doesn’t sleep through the night (and I don’t expect him to for a while), but has made huge progress to actually being put down in his cot for naps (75% of the time) and for the first few hours in the night. As we still nurse he likes to breastfeed to sleep and will wake in the night for a feed, but I’m still totally fine with this as we have no intention of stopping any time soon. The rest of the night we still bed-share which is easier for feeding him anyway. 

He is a night owl like his mum and dad though so we start our bed time around 10pm to have him asleep by 11pm, and he is awake and ready for the day around 8:30am most days.

one year old milestones - Two Hearts One RoofFeeding: This boy loves food! Although for the last few weeks he also loves throwing half of it on the floor for Opie to eat instead. We followed Baby-Led Weaning, so he has never had a pouch or pot of baby food, I’ve never blended anything and he has never had baby rice or porridge, simply proper food from the start. He feeds himself with his hands, the only time I spoon feed him is sometimes with soup or rice puddings (or if we are out for a posher meal and I don’t want him getting really messy). We are pretty much up to 3 meals a day most days but it depends on his naps and whether he has milk.

and me… Well I love being a mum! Obviously some days are harder than others, but overall I really do love it. Going to playgroups and Sensory Class with him has really opened up a whole new friendship group for me and I love it. At the moment we attend a sensory class, swimming and a breastfeeding playgroup, but we are hopefully going to be starting a music and movement class soon too as Elian loves to bop to music!

I’ve recently decided to start losing the baby+ weight ( Baby+ because half of it went on after he was born when I spent most of my day sat on the sofa feeding him and eating biscuits!) I felt I was ready to commit to a weightloss plan and I wanted to do it, for me! So I joined Slimming World 10 weeks ago and I am now done by 1.5 stone, still around another 1.5 stone to go, but I am very happy with my progress so far, and I’m not finding it too hard either!


So huge happy birthday little man, hopefully your having fun right now. We are off to Baby Sensory Class after opening his presents then home to photograph him doing a cake smash then a tea party with my family in the evening!


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