Summer Infant Sit ‘N Style Review – Making Eating When Out And About Easier

Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style ReviewWe’ve had an Inginuity seat for a while and we’ve had decent use out of it when Elian was first sitting up and we were introducing him to food a bit at a time. Now that he’s bigger its too small for him, but luckily we got sent the Summer Infant Sit ‘N Style to try out.
Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Review The Sit ‘N Style booster seat is aimed at people who need to take a chair with them say to a restaurant, or even to family and need something for their monkey to sit in at table height either with a tray, or using the table itself. Its a great little contraption which swivels into shape with a few flicks of the wrist. You can secure it against a chair using the straps provided to make sure it doesn’t topple over with movement, so its super safe in that respect.
Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Review
Transitioning from flat to set up was easy enough, but a bit of a brain fail moment left me struggling to fold it all back down, but my dad on the other hand managed it no problem at all. Elian was super happy in the seat, and at 11 months old he fitted in there well both with the tray out and with it folded away. He’s so into his food now, having him at the table with us would be amazing, and theres less space for him to throw food at the floor which would keep Jon very happy indeed. However, we did come across one issue, when the tray is folded underneath, it adds to the depth/height of the seat and the straps that secure under the kitchen chair wouldn’t meet in the middle to fasten. Ok, so the chairs at my mums are very deep and not you general seat, but it means that, sadly, it wouldn’t be of much use here which was half of our thinking as Elian spends whole days here when we are working.
Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Review
Build quality wise everything feels sturdy, well made and wipe clean-able. White straps!? possibly not the greatest idea but then a different colour would spoil the aesthetic completely. Sadly for us this isn’t a complete solution that we can use, it would be useful for when we eat out, but our kitchen chairs are also plastic and not perfectly flat, so it doesn’t sit well at home for us either. The fact that it collapses down really flat makes it a perfect travel companion and easy to store when its not in use. A handy little addition is that it has an under seat storage area for keeping cutlery and any other eating weapons.
Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Review
For us personally we’d give this a 6 out of 10, but I can see this being much more useful for those who have suitable seating at home.
Have you tried the Summer Infant Sit ‘N Style booster seat or do you have another highchair booster seat you can recommend?
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Summer Infant Booster Seat - Summer Infant Sit 'N Style Review
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