To Bob or Not To Bob?

bob hair cutsI’ve gone through quite a few hair transformations over the years. It’s pretty much always been dark (although I have been dark red too) but there was the reclining bob phase with a purple stripe (then blue, then red, then green!), the curly perm phase (less said about that the better), the dip dyed tips phase (multiple colours), the cut way too short phase (never again!), the constantly tucking it behind my ears phase, the shall I grow out my fringe phase (the answer should always be no!!) and now the just let it grow phase – most of which you can see above! Please be kind to me! I had to trawl a long way back on Facebook to find a few of those beauties!! 

But now I’m in that getting bored phase! I’ve never gone so long having un-styled natural coloured hair since my early teens. I know having a bright colour again is kind of a no-no at the moment, which makes me sad as I really do love coloured hair but I simply don’t have the time needed for the up keep (dying it 1-2 times a week is not something I can do with the little man around) but I am thinking I could go for a bit of a drastic cut! I’ve done it numerous times before, gone from fairly long to a bob and I usually don’t regret it (usually because the cut in that last photo is god awful!!). Plus the ease of looking after a bob instead of my long fly away hair is appealing at the moment. It would be a lot quicker to dry after the shower, but I probably would have to straighten it just to keep it in style (my hair is poker straight naturally). But then I love the fact I can just tie it up out of my way when I need to at the moment, it’s just as cool as a bob as it gets it all off my face, and I kinda love it long too!!

The dilemma is real right now people!!

Of course if your fancying going in the opposite direction to me and getting thicker or longer hair you could always look up hair transplant cost instead?  

So ladies what are your opinions? To Bob or Not To Bob??

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