6 Great Ways To Add Some Colour to Your Minimal Living Room

Add Some Colour to Your Minimal Living RoomOur home is fairly minimal in its design and decoration. We like Scandinavian style interiors and some mid-century modern style furniture, so our home is quite monochrome with simple pops of colour and interesting decorations. We have minimal clutter and objects on display but what we do have is carefully curated and very select pieces we like to showcase. I should say our home isn’t minimalist in any way (I don’t think anyone with a child can be a true minimalist! They come with far too much stuff!) it is just less cluttered and simple in it interior design. However sometimes I look at our rooms and I simply have the urge to add a bold splash of colour without compromising our minimal aesthetic.

Plus colours affect us on a psychological level, without us even noticing. They are proven to affect how we act, choices we make and even our mood. So thinking about what colour to add to what room can be just as important as deciding how to include colour. Red makes you hungry, blue makes you productive and yellow can stimulate conversation! Who knew! Here’s the low down on the psychology of colour to help you chose what colour to add to what room in your home.

Adding colour to a minimal home

Throw / Plant / Tealight Holder / Cushion / Print / Lamp Shade

Add a patterned throw – Simple and effective, it brings colour, warmth and texture to a basic sofa, plus its perfect if you want to get cozy and curl up with a good book or TV show in the evening. 

Chose a colourful cushion – Cushions are a great way to add character to your room, there are so many options out there to bring colour, texture and even fun graphics into your home interior. 

Be bold with lamp shades – You can chose a simple lamp base but make it more interesting with a coloured or patterned shade to suit your rooms colour theme. Plus they can be relatively inexpensive so easy to change up frequently. 

Candle votives are your friend – Whether your a Yankee Candle fan or simply like tea lights, candles are a great way to add colour as well as a great scent to your home. I love finding unusual votives that I can use scented tea lights in.

Plants bring life to a room – Literally adding life to your room! Even the least green fingered person can keep an airplant, cactus or succulent alive so there is no excuse for not having some form of greenery in your home

Art and photos can brighten up your walls – Being photographers means photos are super important to us, so we are 100% behind adding photos to your walls! Don’t add loads of small prints though as they lose their importance and impact, instead chose a few you love and print them larger and put them in simple frames. Or find some art that speaks to you and display that on your walls. Check out our post on how to create a gallery wall. 

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Add Some Colour to Your Minimal Living Room


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