Future House Renovation Plans and Dreams

House renovation plansOver the last few weeks and months me and Jon (ok mostly Jon) have slowly been doing some of the smaller renovation and decorating jobs around the house that we had been planning for quite a while. We’ve done a few bits of work in the garden, adding the fence, stairs, herb planters, etc and have started painting the outside of the house. We are still in the process of decorating and finishing off dudes bedroom, but it is almost there now. This week we have added tiles to our front hall way as the wood there was damaged from water and stones coming in from outside, and today Jon’s brother has added stunning red subway tiles to my kitchen, a backsplash behind my skin and hob and across the window sill, it adds some much needed pops of colour to the room and it gives it a cleaner more modern look. 

Red subway tiles for kitchen - house decorating Slate tiles, nursery decorating ideasThese are all relatively small jobs in the grand scheme of things, but we have been thinking about what we would love to do to the house in the future. The big changes. We adore our house, we love the location, the character, the open plan downstairs and the size of the rooms, the only downside is that it is only 2 bedrooms so the major thing for us would be to find a way to add a 3rd bedroom and possibly an extra downstairs room for a playroom or office space. One option of course is to convert the attic, but access would be an issue as there isn’t room to easily add a stair case.

The previous owner actually had plans in place for a stunning 2 story extension to the back of the house, all oak beams and huge bi-folding doors, with Solstro skylights centre-pivots in the roof to add great views of the surrounding woods (we aren’t overlooked luckily!) It would have meant a big kitchen extension (which would be great as our kitchen is kinda tiny!) a second reception room down stairs, an en-suite added to the master and a much needed 3rd bedroom. The plans sound amazing and would be something we would seriously consider in the future if money permits. That way we could stay in the area and also get that extra bit of space we would love as a growing family. A second child is a while off yet, and even then it would be a while before they needed separate bedrooms, but it’s still something we have to think about for the future. 

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