Creating A Truly Mobile Business

Creating a truly mobile business - home business tips and tricksOne of the biggest attractions of working for yourself is the chance to work wherever and whenever you want. This kind of freedom is attractive, and virtually limitless; you could work at home, in coffee shops, in the city, outdoors in nice weather, or even quickly log on while you’re on holiday. However, there are a few limitations to this; you always have to work near a power outlet or somewhere with a wifi connection. Fortunately, technology is catching up with the desire for a nomadic lifestyle, so there are now a number of ways you can make your business truly mobile.

Fully charged

Everyone makes sure their phones and devices are fully charged before they go out for the day, but if they stay out longer than they expected, or they use apps and software that drain the battery, they could end up with a half finished assignment and a dead laptop. Fortunately, we can now take a spare battery with us wherever we go; you can keep your phone’s power and your laptop’s power at full charge with a portable charger. This also gives you more freedom in your work locations because you won’t have to buy coffee in a cafe to get access to their power outlets.

Always connected

Working from an unlimited number of locations means that you will inevitably encounter a situation where the wifi will fail, or there might not be any wifi at all, like long train rides or the occasional cafe. To make sure you’re always connected, you need to invest in a portable wifi router, or a wifi hotspot. Some mobile phone providers even offer mobile tethering plans, which will allow you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. When you complete a blog, or finish shooting a vlog, a wifi hotspot means you’ll be able to instantly upload your work and get paid sooner rather than later.

mobile business tipsBackups

Always be prepared for laptop crashes, software failures, and even theft. Make sure you save copies of your work in a separate place like a flash drive so that your work is never truly lost. If working from your laptop should ever not be an option, you can use the work on your flash drive to work from a computer in a public library. However, you can also store your work on a cloud based backup so your work, and all your editions, is always safely stored on the internet. For those who are likely to switch between devices and networks on a regular basis, a reliable cloud storage solution is a must.

World compatible phone

Although you might prefer not to work while you are on holiday, there is no reason why you can’t send yourself on a little retreat for a time-consuming project; after all, sometimes a change of scenery is all the inspiration you need. Just make sure you have a phone that works well in different countries, as well as universal adaptors for charging your devices.

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