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New Home Tips

Me and Jon spent 7 years living in flats in Cardiff. First we had a small little flat for just the 2 of us for 5 years, then we spent 2 years with our best mates living in a much nicer and much bigger apartment. And we enjoyed both experiences, for different reasons. As we spent quite a while looking for the perfect place to live when we first relocated to Cardiff we think we are pretty savvy when it comes to moving house and finding great rental properties, so if your thinking about upping sticks and moving to a new area, or you just fancy a change here are a few tips to making moving home a little bit easier.

Trying to find an flat that hits all the marks is often not as easy as you might think. In fact, sometimes it can even become a full time job—and with an array of factors to consider it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new spot to hang your hat.

Find a good neighborhood
You may think closet space is your top priority; however, once you realize your spacious new bungalow is in a part of town that’s notorious for troublesome night time activities, you might not be so thrilled. This is why it’s extra important you do your research on the area before you make any final decisions. 

Visit the potential apartment during a few different times of the day, as well as during the weekdays and weekend to see what it feels like. You may also consider going online and checking out local city and neighborhood guides to get some more information on what to expect.

Make sure it has designated parking
You might not think a parking spot is a big deal, but after a long day the very last thing anyone wants to do is spend 30 minutes circling the neighborhood—only to end up hiking a mile to get back to your place. Anyone who’s lived in an urban area can tell you: it’s the worst. Save yourself the trouble and make sure any space you’re thinking about renting offers at least one reserved parking spot per unit.

New Home TipsThink about your space needs
Planning on living single and free? Maybe you’ll be living with a roommate, or moving in with a boyfriend, a cat, and two large dogs. Whatever the arrangement, it’s important to consider how much space you can live with. For instance, one bathroom shared among three people may seem okay at first until competing schedules or a disparity in cleaning preferences kicks in. Or perhaps you have a lot of out-of-town visitors or need extra room for gear and supplies. These are all factors you’ll need to take into consideration before landing on anything permanently. Also, remember a space will look a whole lot bigger before moving furniture in, so you’ll to want to keep that in mind as well.

Take notes on the application process
You can get a pretty good handle on what your future tenant-landlord relationship might look like—just observe the application process closely. A good landlord will help answer any questions you have about the lease, outline the expectations of both the tenant and the property owner or manager, as well as keep the transfer of personal information confidential. However, even so, before signing any final paperwork, it’s a good idea to make sure the terms of your lease fit with your plans and lifestyle, and that the application process and any credit checks won’t impact your credit score. Most landlords make a habit of screening renters, so ensure that the service they use is reputable. Professional property owners often screen renters and run credit checks with SmartMove, a certified service that protects your information while giving them what they need to make a decision.

Look for online rent pay
Skip writing and mailing your monthly rent check altogether and look for apartments that opt for online rent pay options—a big plus for all parties involved. Not having to worry about a check that’s gone missing in the mail or needing to pay late fees because of it may seem like a luxury, but it’s undoubtedly an amenity that can save you both money and extra hassle.


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New Home Tips


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