Bon Voyage! Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Cruise Trip

Cruise Trip TipsA cruise makes for an awesome vacation – if you know what you’re doing. But even seasoned cruise travellers still get ripped off by cruise lines. If you’re not careful in planning your first cruise trip, you’ll possibly make many rookie mistakes. If these happens, your vacation might not be as amazing and smooth sailing as you want. 

Here are some of the common mistakes you can encounter on your first cruise trip:

Picking the wrong cruise type. Admit it, you assumed that all cruises are the same, excluding the destination, right? There are all sorts of cruise experience, and you must pick the one you will enjoy the most. Like constant partying? Choose one that caters to young travellers. Will you travel with the whole family? You might prefer a family-friendly cruise. Want a tranquil and relaxing experience? Choose a cruise with spa amenities. Whatever you choose, it must be something you’ll truly enjoy.

Not researching the cruise details. Each cruise line is obviously different, so it’s crucial to do research, or you can consult your agent. Cruise websites also offer virtually everything you need to know about the cruise line, the destination, experiences, and other important information. Find out about things like internet access, beverage packages, laundry service, and more. The reception desk can also fill you in with more details and arrange for packages.

Tips for first cruise tripTrying out everything possible. As you well know, cruise ships are vast! As you try to get the most from the cost of the trip, you’ll likely try to do and experience everything the ship has to offer. However, that’s one of the worst mistakes you can make while aboard a cruise.

In reality, you won’t have time to do everything, at least not fully. Trying to will just wear you out. You can maximize your chances of returning home feeling fulfilled and still fresh by choosing the experiences you actually care about, those that excite you. You don’t have to check off everything you see in the brochure.

Skipping the travel agent. Not making use of a travel agent’s service can actually cost you a lot of money – money that you could’ve spent on cruise experiences. Make use of a competent travel agent that specializes in cruising as he or she can help you select the cruise line, ship, cabin, and even the itinerary. Your agent can also help you with visa requirements, and the best part? They cost nothing. As a bonus, they offer better pricing and may include extras like a complimentary spa treatment, shore excursion, cabin amenity welcome kit, cash back rebate, and other pre-paid gratuities.

Avoiding ship crews. The crews aren’t there just for show or to forcefully ask for tips. They travel for a living and can share a lot of little-known facts and tips about the ships as well as the ports of call you will visit. They might even tell you some amazing (or often funny) tales about their own travels. Take time to chat with the crews whenever possible. 

tips for first cruise tripNot securing insurance. This might seem like just one more expense, but not getting one is actually a rookie mistake you must learn to avoid as early as your first cruise. Cruise travel insurance will protect your trip in case of last-minute cancellations (family emergencies, for instance), your medical bill aboard the ship will be covered as well. Missed flights due to trip delays can be reimbursed through hotel stays, meals, plus lost prepaid expenses.

In short, cruise travel insurance lets you relax and leave your life’s worries on shore.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid on your first cruise trip, the next step is to select a cruise line that you or your travel buddies would like – and book ahead of time for huge savings. Have fun!


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Cruise trip tips


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