How to Create a Tranquil, Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom decorYour bedroom serves as your oasis—the safe haven you come to when the workday is done. In your bedroom, life’s stresses melt away and relaxation takes center stage. If your bedroom isn’t currently serving this purpose, it’s time for a decoration overhaul. Transform your bedroom into a tranquil masterpiece with these design tips; utilize color, sound, sensation, and positioning to your advantage for the perfect modern bedroom.

Always Start with a Coat of Paint

Color has a significant impact on your psyche, and affects your mood probably more than you know. A simple coat of paint in your bedroom can transform this living space in a single step—one that won’t break the bank. While the colour scheme is up to you, there are a few hues that psychological professionals have deemed to be the most calming. Grey is one of the most popular design colors for home décor experts, and this trendy hue can actually bring an added sense of relaxation to your bedroom. Find a grey paint with a green tint to maximize this calming effect.

Looking for something a little more colorful? Blue is purported to help soothe the mind, whether you keep it soft with pale periwinkle or go bold with navy blue. If you’re in a rental, use this approach: ask for forgiveness, not permission. Forfeiting a bit of your security deposit is likely worth it for the relaxing clarity your new bedroom is bound to provide.

Invest in Luxury Bedding

You spend a third of your life in your bed—make sure that time is spent in comfort. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and your bedding should be up to par. Modern bedding options combine both design decadence and plush comfort. Don’t forget the accents; start with the basics and add decorative pillows and throws to create a bedding look that’s all your own.

Make Your Bedroom Look Larger

If your bedroom is a little bit cramped, open it up with some strategic mirror placement. Decorative mirrors add interest to your walls while reflecting natural and artificial light; this makes the room look larger and more open, and will help add brightness. Shop for beautiful custom mirrors from and find the piece that perfectly accents your sense of style—and makes your morning beauty routine a whole lot easier.

Get Rid of Clutter

Rid your mind of stress by ridding your bedroom of clutter. You can’t create the oasis you want if you have to navigate through a disorganized mess every time you enter your bedroom. Make a commitment to organization by adding storage solutions. This will help ensure you have place for everything—and encourage you to put everything in its place. Get the shoes off of your closet floor with an inexpensive hanging closet organizer. Add a vintage trunk to the end of your bed to store your favorite winter blankets. Invest in a small book shelf to keep your favorite novels organized. The options are endless, and can add some real character to your home. If you want to do a serious closet overhaul try reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo or check out my KonMari Closet Declutter and Organisation Video.

Modern Bedroom Decor

Add Some of Nature’s Beauty

Bring the outdoors in with some natural-themed bedroom additions. A small tabletop water fountain in the corner of your room offers the soothing sound of running water—with the look of a luxury spa. While you can’t bring crashing waves into your home, you can bring the soothing sound of the ocean lapping the shore with a sound machine.

Adorn your nightstand with a bouquet of fresh flowers each week, or fill a vase with hands-off succulents that thrive on their own for months. Incorporate natural materials into your design motif; Stikwood paneling makes the perfect backdrop for your bed, while a bowl of seashells from your summer vacation is both sentimental and designer-approved.

Set the Tone with Lighting

There’s no need for bright, blinding lights in your bedroom. Whether you’re reading in bed or snuggling with that special someone, a light dimmer is an easy, inexpensive solution to your lighting woes. Dim the lights a bit to relax before bed, take a nap, or to set the tone for that mystery thriller you’re in the middle of.

So there are our top tips, now go sort your bedroom and have it looking modern and relaxing in no time. 

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