The Great Wall: Decorating Tips For Beginners

Decorating tips for beginnersDecorating walls is not an easy task. They are big, daunting, and require a lot of hard work and effort. However, these aren’t the reasons homeowners shudder. The reason is that many people don’t have an eye for design. Therefore, they find the idea of finding artwork frightening, to say the least. “What if I get it wrong?” “What if the neighbours see?” What if they laugh?!” That is a lot of what ifs, but they don’t have to cause a problem any longer. If decorating walls isn’t your thing, the following tips are bound to help. Here are the basics of creating wonderful walls


The Right Height

Everyone knows that artwork shouldn’t be above your head or below your knees. But, they are obvious examples and ones the majority of people understand. What you might not know is that artwork or any type should be at a person’s eye line. Yes, framed photos can and do take up space. However, the main purpose is to catch the eye when a person walks into the room. That isn’t possible if the art is above or below your field of vision. As a rule, Lifehacker recommends hanging it 145cm from the floor to the centre of the wall.


Play With Proportions

Of course, the room is essential in what you hang, how you hang it, and how many you hang. Sound a little bit confusing? Let’s simplify matters. Simply put, you want the artwork to complement the rest of the house. It won’t happen if you put up pictures and paintings without considering the room. Sure, it is a good idea to display your art on custom photo mounts because it adds originality. However, think about the size of the mount beforehand. If the room is minimalist and you hang a huge piece of art, it will look silly. Also, consider the number of items. If there are lots of features, a big piece will seem less cluttered.


Art/Wall Ratio

Big walls send a shiver down homeowners’ spines because there are only a certain number of tins of paint. At some point, the wall will need a feature which covers the space and makes the wall appear less bare. The issue with large walls is the size. Because they are big, people don’t know how to go about the dimensions. Thankfully, a little maths comes in handy. The equation: wall width X 0.57 = ideal width of artwork is one many expert designers use.



A great tip to remember is to structure artwork on the floor before they go live. By playing around with them first, it is easier to figure out which style is best. Yes, you can do this when the art goes on the wall, but it is a lot more effort. Let’s face it – no one likes lugging art around. Once you find the perfect style on the floor, you can transfer it to the wall. It’s a quick and basic compromise that works wonders.

For any novices, the tips above are helpful if you don’t know where to turn.

If your looking for some awesome and inspirational art work here are a few of my favourites to get you started.

Decorating tips, beautiful prints for plain walls

Jian Chens Fine Art (I actually own this very print, it’s above my bed!) / Inky Gorilla / South Pacific / Couture Moments For You / Alisons Photography / Meeko and the Wolf  

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Decorating tips for beginners


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