Dressing Jon with Jacamo – Clothing for the Bigger Built Guy

Jacamo outfit Review - Mens wear outfit I’ve been searching for work clothes for a while that would be hard wearing and smart, but everything I’ve found has either been too utilitarian or been slim fit, skinny fit, look like an upside down traffic cone fit and made me uncomfortable. When Jacamo offered to kit me out with a Jacamo outfit I jumped on it and hoped that as they are built for the larger man, they might give me a little more wiggle room so I can bend, kneel and work freely while looking good. The trousers fitted perfect, not too low on the crotch/bum area and not too tight around my thighs. They were a little stiff at first but after 30 mins of walking around they felt like I’d been wearing them for weeks, perfect. The shirt I’m modelling in the image fitted like a glove from the moment I put it on.

By the time we took this pic I’d worked half a day so it had untucked and I’m filled with sandwiches and biscuits, but tucked it in to the trousers its not too short and doesn’t mushroom over the edge of my trousers like a cheap standard fit tesco shirt (of which I have about 5, oops). The shirt feels nice and thick without being too warm to wear and feels like I’ll get a lot more wear out of it before I stretch the elbows from holding a camera up all day or from wearing my camera harness which can be quite rough on clothes in general. I’m so impressed with the shirt I’m going to buy the exact one again, maybe even twice.

Menswear Outfit - Jacamo Outfit Review

What Jon is wearing:

Jacamo Outfit - Menswear clothing

*Jon was sent the trousers and top to review but all opinions are our own*

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