UK Degusatbox September 2017 – Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

UK Degustabox September Unboxing and discount code

This months degustabox was a mixed bag. Not as many sweet treats as last months Degustabox but more cooking items which is nice.  As always below you’ll find my unboxing video so you can see what we received and what I thought about a few items when I tasted them.

We love receiving these boxes from Degustabox each month as it gives us the chance to try new products we might not otherwise know about. If you fancy trying one for yourself Use code: ’65K3Q’ here for £7 off your first box which is a total bargain so you should totally order one!

So here’s what we received in our degustabox this month

  • Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Dark Chocolate – £1.99 – Yeah I devoured this before I had even uploaded the video footage! Yum!
  • Latin American Kitchen Rice and Sauce – £1.85 each – I am really looking forward to trying these this week. They are a brand I hadn’t heard of before, but weirdly saw a huge billboard for them outside the supermarket yesterday
  • Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp – £2.49 – Well these have gone down very well with me and the baby. I will be looking to purchase them as I really loved that they were a combination of Cheerios and bran flakes as alone I find them boring but together they are great!
  • Knorr Concentrated Beef Stock – £2.20 – I’m intrigued by this item as I have used stock pots before but this is saying you only need a few drops in your food so I will be testing it out in my slow cooker dishes this week I think
  • Virtue Energy Water – £1.35 – I’m still not 100% sure on these, they were nice, light, fruity and refreshing but not sure I would go out of my way to purchase them
  • San Miguel Gluten Free Beer – £2.00 – Neither Jon or I drink beer so this has been donated to the grandparents for them to try
  • Mentos Mint Mix Sharing Pouch – £1.19 – We loved this mixed pack of mints as you sometimes get bored of the same flavour so this was fun that you kinda didn’t know which you were going to get. We tend to keep mints in our car usually but me and Jon popped these on the desk between our computers and we munched on them in the evenings when we were working
  • Dream Ancient Grains – £1.60 – This is a plant based milk alternative. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will probably have it with my cereal as I don’t actually like drinking milk anyway.
  • Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks – £3.49 – I use a fair amount of tinned tuna and salmon, usually in pasta dishes for me and the baby, or in sandwiches. This tuna was lovely, although I can’t say it tasted any different from most of the other tinned tuna I have.
  • Green’s Egg Custard Mix – £0.69 – I’m not entirely sure what to do with this at the moment! Hopefully I will have some inspiration at some point and turn this into something yummy.
  • Seriously Spreadable Squares – £1.75 – We love Seriously Cheese anyway so these were always going to be a hit in our house. They are yummy!
  • Miso Ramen Noodle Kit – £2.99 – I haven’t used this yet as I’m saving it for a lunch time when its just me eating on my own, but I am looking forward to trying it as I love noodles usually.

So that’s all for this month guys

two hearts one roof

*I am sent the box free of charge in exchange for my honest review*

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