Bathroom Flooring Options For A Simple Room Makeover

Bathroom Flooring Options For A Simple Room MakeoverTwo of the most commonly remodeled rooms in your home are the bathroom and kitchen. If you’re planning on updating or renovating your bathroom, you’ll want to pay close attention to the flooring you put down. The reason for this is that bathroom floors deal with more moisture than the floors in other rooms in your home. Learn how to find a durable and beautiful option for remodeling your home’s floors.  


Tile flooring has a lot going for it, such as overall durability, looks, price and waterproofing. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from with tile, which is available in a ceramic as well as a porcelain variety. Another great thing about tile is that it’s quick and easy for you to clean up. In regards to its downsides, you’ll need to walk carefully over tile to ensure you don’t slip, but this can be remedied with texturing. You also might not like how chilly tile can be when you step on it.

Heated Flooring

To keep from yelping out in shock every time you step on cold bathroom floors, consider getting heated flooring installed. Specifically, you want to ask about radiant heating for your floors, which is available in either a hydronic or electric system. If you’re aiming for ease of installation and cost savings, your best bet will be an electric system. The way the system works is you have a thermostat and timer to adjust the temperature when you use your bathroom. Just make sure your electric mats aren’t positioned too close to the toilet, mainly because the heat can melt the wax ring circling the toilet.


While you might like the look of hardwood floors in your bathroom, you probably don’t want to risk the overall appearance of your floors when it comes to getting them wet. For the best of both worlds, you can opt for laminate floors made to look like hardwood. To better keep moisture problems at bay, you’ll want to ensure the seams between laminate planks are tight. Laminate floors can last for several years, some as many as 30, which makes them a cost-efficient option when they’re properly cared for. When cleaning laminate floors, be careful that you don’t allow water to come into contact with the laminate’s wood chip base.


Another excellent option for a remodel on a budget, vinyl is eco-friendly, quick and easy to clean and is waterproof as well. To make your vinyl bathroom floors as waterproof as possible, you’ll want to opt for quality sheet vinyl rather than the peel-and-stick option. Foam or felt backing is great for making vinyl floors softer, which could be quite an advantage if there are elderly people living in your home, who are prone to sprains, fractures and broken bones should they suffer a fall.

Solid Hardwood

Homeowners who absolutely cannot do without the look and feel of genuine hardwood for their floors should take every precaution imaginable to avoid moisture issues. This means making sure there aren’t any gaps in the floor where water can infiltrate. It’s also beneficial to have professionals handle the installation rather than attempt a DIY method.

Natural Stone

While natural stone is an undoubtedly beautiful choice for your bathroom, it’s an expensive choice as well. Take precautions against slipping and the chill factor if you do decide to go with natural stone floors.


Cork makes for an excellent flooring option if you desire something that’s sustainable, resistant to water and can withstand mold and mildew problems as well. Just make sure you account for spills with a polyurethane top coat.

And there you have several flooring options for your bathroom remodel. Take a look at your budget, your personal preferences and your bathroom style to make the best decision for your home’s oasis.

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Bathroom Flooring Options For A Simple Room Makeover


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