Sick Of Being in a Pickle? Three Ways To Organise Your Life!

Three Ways To Organise Your Life! Are you an organised person? Few people are naturally this way, it’s a skill that most of us have to nurture and work on. But it’s so worth doing, being organised can make life run so much more smoothly. If you’re constantly in a flap, getting yourself in a muddle or running around like a headless chicken, here are some of the areas to organise to be more efficient in life.

Your Home

Home is the most important place in the world. It’s our refuge from the world, a place where we feel safe and can recuperate from work or school. So a pleasant home that you can enjoy is crucial. Being organised allows you to make the most of all of the space you have, plus it helps keep the rest of your home organised too. Look for clever ideas for organising your hallway shoe storage, or smart ways to store your dried food products. You could use shelves to utilise wall space, use containers, boxes and bins to categorise things. Spend some time making sure everything has a place and is neatly put away in that place after use. That way, when you come to find things you know exactly where they are.

I’ve just started using KonMari to declutter and organise my kitchen. Here’s part 1 of the process so you can see how I store my herbs, spices and cooking ingredients.

Your Handbag

Do you find yourself lugging round a huge heavy bag, but it doesn’t actually contain much that’s important? Receipts and papers, letters and documents, makeup, loose change and random odds and ends can all end up in your bag. Every now and again it’s worth having a clear out. Make sure your handbag contains essential things that you need and will use. Some ideas are a pen, a compact mirror, a fold down umbrella, a hair tie, wallet and some mints. Get rid of anything you don’t use often or doesn’t belong in there, your back and shoulder will thank you when you lighten the load!

Your Car

Does your car look like a bin with wheels? It’s so easy for it to get into this state. Kids dropping things, dogs with muddy paws after work, things falling out of bags and litter accumulating from the odd lunch on the road. We’re all guilty of it from time to time, so if your car is due for a cleaning it’s worth getting it sorted. As with any space you spend time in, when it’s messy and organised it can impact your mood and is generally unpleasant. Clear out any rubbish, and give the interior a thorough clean and vacuum. You could take it to be valeted if you didn’t want to do the dirty work yourself. Pop it through a car wash and you’ll have a vehicle you can be proud of again. Other ways to get organised when it comes to the car is to have an emergency kit. Pack up a backpack or travel bag with some essentials, that way you’re never caught short when you’re out and about. It could contain some clean clothes for the kids, a few products in case you visit loved ones and stay out for the night. Some car safety essentials would be useful too- a torch, a thick jumper, a bottle of water and some dried food like cereal bars in case you break down or get stuck somewhere and have to wait to be picked up.

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Three Ways To Organise Your Life!

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