Why We Got Rid Of Our Huge DVD Collection This Year

Why We Got Rid Of Our Huge DVD Collection This YearWe used to be movie obsessives, movie buffs, movie addicts and movie hoarders…yep over the first 5 years of our relationship we amassed a massive collection of over 700 DVD’s and over 100 blue-rays, all of which moved between 3 different houses with us, in a ridiculously huge pile of boxes.

When your a student and your logic is you can’t afford or justice a monthly spend for sky/cable TV and a TV license, you rely instead on movies and DVD’s which you can watch over and over again. Add to that a conveniently located and very well stocked Cash Generator which offers 15 movies for £15 and you can see where our DVD hoarding came from. Plus when one of your is studying media, and actually takes whole courses based around film fandom you kinda have to keep up the consumption of films, simply to get through your course work!

We loved our collection, prided ourselves on its diverse content, from the popular new releases to 80’s cult classics, from musicals to westerns, throw in some foreign language horror movies (Suspiria) and 1920’s black and white film (Metropolis) and we pretty much covered all bases! Our friends were usually in awe of the 4 IKEA Billy Bookcases our collection filled in our tiny flats in Cardiff, and of course I kept it alphabetised for easy searching, and a had a typed catalogue on our phones for reference should we be found purchasing yet more DVD”s and need to check we didn’t already own the film!

Sadly during our move back to Neath we knew our DVD collecting time had come to an end. We packed up all our DVD’s into, I believe, 17 large cardboard boxes, labeled with letters of the alphabet and then they all went in the attic at my parents. And 2 years later when we moved into our own home we decided we didn’t want to bring them all with us.

Since deciding to declutter and minimise our home, and then starting our KonMari journey (see our YouTube videos!) we made the massive decision to get rid of all of our DVD’s! The only things we have kept are Disney Blue Rays, Harry Potter Blue-Ray set, and a handful of our absolute favourite movies. We came to the realisation that when we did want to watch a movie we wanted to watch something new, something we hadn’t seen before. We didn’t have the time to be watching old movies we had already seen when there were so many great new movies coming out every year.

We still use the local DVD shop to rent movies, but we also have an Amazon Prime account which allows us to legally stream movies, rent or buy them should we wish. Plus it is more practical to be able to watch them off any of our other devices.

We sold all of our DVD’s using apps like Zapper, Ziffit and in store at CEX. It was a pretty long and boring task if I’m honest and we didn’t make a fortune but a few £100 helped ease the pain of parting with them all.

Today’s post was prompted by Hex Mum Blogs Blogtober theme for today which was MOVIES! I didn’t want to go down the typical fav movies route and thought this might be interesting to a few of you.


Why We Got Rid Of Our Huge DVD Collection This Year

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  1. October 13, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Wow. I have only a couple of DVDs and watch most films on Amazons Love Film, I like to have a film on blurry or DVD rather than streaming but sadly AmaIn have stopped doing this now so maybe I should have bought your collection haha! #blogtober17

    • October 13, 2017 / 10:27 pm

      My phone has changed so much of this comment lol Bluray and Amazon!

    • Chantele
      October 14, 2017 / 2:32 pm

      Lol our collection was insane! Way too big, and its really freeing having gotten rid of it all and its making us look for movies we haven’t seen more now