6 Tips For Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

6 Tips For Getting Your Home Christmas ReadyIt’s coming, Christmas is nearly upon us and that means we need to start thinking about our home. We need to be getting our house ready for Christmas. Perhaps you have guests coming to stay or maybe you host Christmas dinner. Even if you are not expecting anyone this Christmas, you will still want your house to feel lovely and welcoming for Christmas Day. Here are some tips that will help you get your house Christmas ready.

6 Tips For Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

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Tip 1 – House Maintenance

Christmas means the colder weather is coming and that means it’s time to check your heating is working properly. If you have a fire then you will want to get your chimney swept. If you have a home with air conditioning then you will want to arrange for a Central Home Services air con cleaning so that you are ready for when the weather gets warmer again.

Tip 2 – Guest Room

If you are having guests to stay then you will want to get your guest room ready. You want to be creating a tranquil, modern bedroom that your guests can retreat to. Think about buying some new bedding to add some colour to the room. Plus make sure that they have a mirror and a nice bedside lamp. Maybe think about adding some magazines and books for them to read too, just as a nice homely touch.

Tip 3 – Light Your House

Christmas means that we can deck our hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, everywhere in the house, with fairy lights. They add some festive cheer to our house and make us feel all cosy. Wrap fairy lights around your mirrors, mantlepiece, stair bannisters, headboard and of course the Christmas tree.

Tip 4 – Get Organised

Christmas means yet more toys and belongings for the home. That means we need to get organised and have a clear out. Go through all of your rooms and anything that you haven’t used in the last year needs to get sent to the charity shop or to the recycling tip. Be ruthless. Do not be tempted to keep anything just incase! If you want some inspiration you can check out my KonMari post from this week, or my KonMari videos on YouTube.

Tip 5 – Think About Your Christmas Tree

Are you going to go fake or real this year? You need to decide upon your tree and then decide a colour theme for your tree. Are you going to go classic silver? Red and gold? Just decide on your colours and get shopping for baubles and tinsel. You can normally pick up some great Christmas decorations from your local supermarket or find some more unique ones, like the ones below, on sites like Etsy. If you do have children or pets then you might not want to hang any baubles on the lower part of the tree. Opie has on numerous occasions taken baubles off the tree to chew on, and with little dude being mobile this year that will add a whole new fun aspect to christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations

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Tip 6 – Order Your Christmas Food!

Get online and order your Christmas food. You do not want to be making a mad dash round the supermarket on Christmas Eve. That would not end well. We all know what happens when there is only one turkey left on the shelf. People will fight for it! If you order from M&S by a certain date they will even throw in a bottle of wine for you as a thank you! And we all love a freebie, especially at Christmas.

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Do you have any tips for getting your home Christmas ready.

6 Tips For Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

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