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Home Decor TipsAt this time of year you might be hosting lots of guests, family and friends into your home, some may even be staying with you over the festive period. You want all the guests you invite into your home to feel comfortable within it, right? You don’t want them to be rushing to leave or feeling out of place. You want them to feel, for all intents and purposes, right at home. Well, you can do this no matter who your guest is, or when they decide to visit, by making your home truly homely. Here are a few simple tips to help you make your home more homely no matter who comes to visit over Christmas.

Match each room’s heat requirement

A home cannot be truly homely if it is too cold, or too warm. You need to find that perfect comfortable temperature balance, whether you invite guests over or not.

To do this, you need to pay attention to the specific needs of each room in your home, because one size does not fit all when it comes to temperature. For instance, the rooms that have two or more outfacing walls will feel the cold in the winter far more than rooms with only one, or maybe even no outfacing walls. And then, on the flip side, rooms that are internal will be more likely to feel warm and stuffy in the summer.

Once you’ve studied and taken into account the heat requirement of each room in your home, then it’s time to start matching it. In the rooms in your home that are more susceptible to the cold, you should bring in radiators that are proven to be the best type of radiator on the market today to hold their heat for longer; this could mean having column radiators, such as those found at this column radiator store, fitted. By doing so you would not only be able to warm a cold room up in your home, but you would be able to warm it up and keep it warm throughout the day or night. And in the rooms in your home that are susceptible to overheating and stuffiness, why not have an air conditioning unit fitted?

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Take the current season into account

No, this doesn’t just mean doing the same as above and making sure each room is sufficiently warmed or heated in regards to the weather and climate of the current season. This means going one step further and actually pandering to the current season in regards to a host of other homely aspects.

For instance, at Christmas time you will want to start paying extra attention to making your home as guest friendly as can be, especially if you are in fact entertaining guests. This means giving your guest bedrooms a spruce up in regards to its decor, making sure the room is not affected by rising damp and that the wallpaper isn’t peeling off of the walls. You should ensure a new set of bed sheets, blankets and bed throws are provided to make sure your guest doesn’t feel as if hundreds of people have slept in this bed before them, even if they have. And, while you’re at it, you should provide a new set of towels and dressing gowns for them, too. You see, when you ready your home for Christmas and bring in all the essentials needed to make your home a winter wonderland (minus the cold weather) you will ensure that your guests are comfortable in your home. And when your guests feel comfortable in your home, you will be able to be well and truly satisfied that your home is truly homely.

But taking the current season into account isn’t just about pandering to guests comfort. No, it’s also about decorating in a way that doesn’t create confusion, too. For instance, in the springtime you should make your home look as floral as can be by bringing in a host of seasonal flowers that grow and bloom at that time; by having floral-patterned cushions and blankets adorn your sofas; and by decorating with a pastel-coloured scheme only. When you decorate in this way, which truly doesn’t take a lot of effort or cost a lot, your home will be looking and feeling exactly as it should at that time of the year. And, that will make it feel truly homely and comfortable.

Here are a few home decor pieces for the winter season that we are loving at the moment

Home Decor tips for winter

Baby It’s Cold Outside Pillow / Cozy Knitted Grey PomPom BlanketMerry Christmas Pillow / Christmas Candle Holder / Ceramic Reindeer / Luxury Fur throw Rug

Pay attention to the seating arrangement

The way you arrange the seats in your home may not instantly strike you as being something that is all that important in terms of making your home feel homely, but it is. It is because it can either make a social event, or break it. It can either make everybody that uses your seats, whether that be the family that live with you in the home or guests that visit your home, either feel a part of a group, or feel isolated. What’s more, it can make it quite difficult to circumvent your living room if seats are plonked just anywhere. So, pay attention to your seating plan! By all means, have all your seats face the focal point of the room, which will probably be your TV. But, don’t allow for anybody to be sat behind anybody involuntarily, don’t make it so people have to strain themselves to be able to see and communicate with others and don’t make it so people are having to move or climb over your seats in order to move about the room freely.

Every home has the potential to be truly homely, but, it cannot unlock this potential by itself. No, that’s down to its owner. That’s down to the person that lives in it day in, day out. In regards to your home, that’s you; nobody is going to make your home homely but you. So, make sure to follow the homely-inducing advice above, and make sure to unlock your home’s true homely potential!

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