KonMari Decluttering Method – Free Downloadable KonMari Checklist

KonMari Decluttering Method

(For those of you from YouTube looking for the free checklist just click here!)  

Ahh KonMari!! No doubt if your a YouTuber or your into decluttering, organising, sorting or cleaning you will have heard of this term at some point over the last year or so. The KonMari decluttering method was penned by author Marie Kondo in her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying‘ (which I totally advise you read if you want to get your home sorted!) and put basically is a way of decluttering and sorting your home using the concept of ‘does it spark joy?’, in other words ‘do you really love it, use it or need it?’. The KonMari method breaks the home down into categories, instead of rooms or areas, and advises you go through every item in that category and decided if it ‘sparks joy’ or not. If it does you keep it, if not you get rid of it. We should only surround ourselves in items we really love.

Now I have put that in the simplest of terms, she goes into far more details in her book and gives you lots of other info, but that is the basic premise of the method. Then she details a folding method that has honestly revolutionised my drawers of clothes! I’ve been filming every category as I sort them and you can find them all on our YouTube channel or you can check out the first in the series below.

I found this awesome KonMari Checklist as a free downloadable via Pinterest, just click here. I’ve printed it off and have been using it to see what areas I still have left to tackle and am ticking off each area as I complete them. I found found this really useful for keeping track of what has been done, and what is left to do, plus it highlights areas I hadn’t even thought about too, so it really does make sure you are checking all the items in your home but in more manageable chunks, whilst keeping it in categories like KonMari suggests. Plus I’ve found this to be great motivation too, seeing items getting ticked off is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated to carry on when you start getting a bit bored of all the sorting! 

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KonMari Decluttering Method

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