Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Work For You

Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Living Room Work For YouIf you live in a city, it’s likely that you know exactly what it feels like to own a small house. In fact, the UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe. Not that they are too small to live in, but they’re definitely too small to follow the decorating tips from your favourite interior magazine. While you can handle a tiny bathroom or a bedroom relatively easily — namely by limiting the amount of beauty products and wardrobe items you choose to own (see my KonMari videos for how I have downsized my wardrobe majorly!!) — it can be more challenging to make other rooms work. How do you welcome your guests comfortably in a small living room, for example? Here are a few tips to get you going.

Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Living Room Work For You

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Practical furniture

The best way to make the most of a small room is to use practical and multifunctional furniture, such as ttMall sofa beds that can turn your living room by day into a guest bedroom by night. Additionally, you can maximise the walls with shelving units, so that the room on the floor remains unchanged.

Warm and cosy decor

How do you add warmth to a small room? A contained space might easily feel constrained and suffocating. Instead, you can give it a sense of cosiness with an elegant rug paired with matching curtains. Bright rugs and curtains can transform four walls into an instant homely space by adding an element of texture and decor effectively. The warmth at first is psychological, naturally, but it’s all it takes to love a small room!  

Keeping the essentials only

A small living room is only too small if it can’t contain all the things you have. In other words, unnecessary clutter is at the core of how you feel at home. Following the Huffington Post advice, you can learn to declutter your living room, one item at a time. Start by removing all excess items from ornaments to plants. Anything that needs to be in the room should come with a handy storage solution. Anything else should go.

What about the tech?

Your living room is about entertainment too. Here too you can combine several functions into one device. Want great films and great games? Maybe you should have a look at the PlayStation 4 that gives you access to movie streaming services, trending TV shows and great games, all from the same device. You can even log onto your Spotify account from the PS4, so it’s easy to see how one gadget can replace many. Worried about owning too many game boxes? You can choose to purchase your favourite games directly available for download on the PS network platform.

Cheat to make it look bigger

Every professional painter will tell you: to make a room appear bigger; you need to create the sensation of light and space via your choice of paint. That doesn’t mean you are limited to crisp white. In fact, you can be playful with sunny colours to reflect the light, or using bold colours to distract from the actual size.

Smart furniture, multi-purpose gadgets, and clever decor cheats, what are your ways of making a small living room feel like a cosy palace?

Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Living Room Work For You
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