Room to Grow 12 Days of Advent Surprise Box

Room to Grow 12 Days of Advent Surprise BoxAt the end of November me and Elian got very excited when we received a surprise 12 Days of Advent box from a lovely company called Room to Grow. They sent us this fun box containing 12 little packages to be opened over the first few days of December. Inside we were told we would find, 6 little gifts and 6 activities which we could do over the coming weeks on the lead up to Christmas.

I had fun opening all the little packages, which I actually filmed in this vlog for you all to see, and we have had a great time doing the activities so far. This whole box was incredibly thoughtful and has helped us have a lovely festive start to the month of December. It is one of our busiest months with the business, so it was nice that we have had the activities to do to spent a little quality time with Elian, not thinking about work!

Room to Grow 12 Days of Advent Surprise Box

So this is what we received:

  • Santa and Snowman Chocolates 
  • A Letter To Fill in for Santa
  • Glitter Glues to Decorate Pinecones
  • A Bauble filled with Chocolate Coins
  • A Christmas Bathbomb
  • Candy Canes
  • Stickers to make Christmas Cards 
  • Magic Snow Power
  • A Recipe for Magic Reindeer Food
  • Empty Baubles to Decorate for the Tree
  • A Santa Puppet Craft
  • The Words to Silent Night

Thank you so much to Room To Grow for choosing us to receive this lovely box of gifts and activities it was a fun start to the festivities. So far we have really enjoyed the bath bomb, which smelt so much like Christmas! Elian has sent his letter to Santa (I had to write it, but he would like some Paw Patrol toys and Fireman Sam hat please!) We enjoyed the chocolate whilst watching a movie (mummy ate the candy canes, whilst up editing late one night!) And we plan to make the puppet and declare pine cones this week, we’ve already found a few on our walk this weekend!

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