Keep Your House From Overflowing Before Christmas

Storage Solutions To Help Organise Your House Before Christmas Houses can become quite small places once you realise the amount of junk you have laying around, and the storage solutions under the beds and in the cupboards just don’t cut it anymore. With Christmas upon us, and the promise of presents and copious amounts of packaging, you’ll need to prepare some room for the extra mess on top of everything you already have. Here’s some ideas for your storage solutions this festive season.

Find a Boot Sale

They’re fun to walk around and haggle over items, but they’re also a good place to unload any unwanted items you think still have some worth to them. Considering online auction sites often have fees for using their site, and these get more and more expensive, especially when you add postage and PayPal fees on top. So paying about £5 for a stall space at a boot sale is a much better option!

You can get plenty of deals from people with a similar mindset, and considering you’re invested in what you’re selling personally and have a chance to show this off, you’re more likely to make a sale here than anywhere else. You could even consider this good business practice!

Storage Solutions To Help Organise Your House Before Christmas Have a 5 Minute Spruce

Sprucing up the living room can make you feel 10x better than you did before about your surroundings, so straighten up the papers on the coffee table and wipe that layer of dust off the TV. If you can get yourself into a routine, you can get quicker and quicker at cleaning up each day. That means the dream of a 5 minute spruce up around the house, which we usually only manage when there’s a visitor just outside the door, is totally achievable and just another tick on your skills list.

If something doesn’t look right to you, or the carpet is covered in fluff and crumbs whenever you look down, it might be a good idea to invest in a mini vacuum and whip it out when you have a minute to spare, and then plump up the cushions to relax on afterwards. You can even get the kids involved if you make it fun!

Or if you want to make a more extreme change to your home consider undertaking a KonMari declutter, I’m half way through our home so far and it has made a huge difference!

Stack Up a Storage Centre

If you really do have lots of items that need storing, and you don’t have a chance to shift it, or you don’t want to get rid of it for any reason, pack them up in boxes and then take them along to a unit like that of M60 Self Storage Ltd. These places are easy to access, you’ll have all your bigger pieces that don’t have a position in your house anymore in one place, and they’re extremely safe to use.

An overflowing house isn’t something we want to live in, but it’s a part of life to clean it up unfortunately! Splash some water on your face and roll your sleeves up, it’s time to sort things out for the Christmas party you’ve been meaning to have.

Storage Solutions To Help Organise Your House Before Christmas *This is a collaborative post*

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