Our Annual Trip to Bluestone, Pembrokeshire

Bluestone, PembrokeshireIt’s January which means we have been on our annual trip to Bluestone, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. This was mine and Jon’s 4th year to visit and we have booked for next year already (we’re taking friends next time!!) and we love it there. I made a little vlog last year too which you can see here if your would like to (it is crazy looking back and seeing how tiny Elian was this time last year! How time flies!), or to see this years vlog you’ll find it below. Plus it includes a full tour of the site and this years Winter Light Illuminations, which is this cool walk through the woods where they have decorated with giant light sculptures, usually in the shape of animals and bugs, plus an entire town of little fairy houses dotted all up a big cliff face, its awesome!!

So Bluestone is a bit like a centre parks in that it is lots of self catering log cabins and bungalows in a huge park, with lots of on site activities, like the Blue Lagoon Pool, activity centre, soft play, outdoor park, plus restaurants, a pub, some shops and a village hall where they put on shows for the kids everyday. It is the perfect little family get away in West Wales.

Elian wasn’t feeling 100% himself this time sadly, not sure if its teething again or a bit of a cold, but he just wasn’t himself for most of the week, which made it a little hard and trying at times but we still really enjoyed our trip as always. 

I can’t wait to return next year as Elian will be that little bit older so will be able to enjoy even more of the play areas I think, plus he might be a little bit more independent in the pool. Plus as we are taking our friends with us (who have actually also just started vlogging, which should make it even more fun!) who have never been before, so that will add some extra awesomeness to the trip. We’ve gone for a much bigger cabin next year, obviously, but I’m excited to say it’s one of their new ones, a St David’s Lodge, which has a play room for the kids! I can’t wait.

So thats all for now guys, a little life update on us really

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