Our First Weekly Vlog! Swim Class, Soft Play and Yoga Classes

weekly vlog - vlogging familyWe started weekly vlogging last week, it’s part of my 18 Things for 2018, to vlog more. So I film a little every day then at the end of the week turn it into a fun weekly vlog update of our lives. Here is the first week for you all to see, it’s just general life stuff, from a real family! 

I never watched YouTube before about 3 years ago, it just wasn’t something that was really on my radar, I usually spent my free time reading books, blogs and magazines rather than watching YouTube. So when I stumbled upon family vlogging (Daily Bumps and Ellie and Jared) it was a whole new world to me. Not a world I ever planned to be a part of mind you! I got a little hooked on watching these families change and grow, as my own was doing the same, and it was nice to watch every day lives. I came to realise that I wanted to capture and preserve the memories of Elian growing up too, plus I was always getting asked to do vlogs alongside the blog, so I took the plunge for Vlogams 2016, which some of you might remember. It was a baptism of fire as I threw myself in the deep end vlogging when before this point I had done 4 awkward unboxing/haul videos! But I loved it and a year on here I am, loving filming and vlogging more and more (sometimes more than blogging sorry!!) Plus learning new skills and honing my editing style along the way.

Hope you like our first weekly vlog! Please do hop over to our YouTube Channel if you do and subscribe to see lots more of our daily lives, and my mum ramblings! Plus my second channel is launching today (also a point on my 2018 goals list!) it’s called Life Sorted and will be focused on organising, planning, budgeting, living life intentionally, being productive and trying to be happier as a mum, lots of tips and tricks and useful information, so if that floats your boat please go check that out (first video live at 5pm today GMT)

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