Five Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Heating System This Year

5 signs you need to upgrade your heating system in 2018We all enjoy coming home to a warm house after a day’s work and enjoy a comfortable house. Some homeowners, however, struggle staying warm and paying their bills during the winter months. If you feel like your heating and electricity bills are eating up your money, and you still can’t get warm enough, it might be time to think about replacing or upgrading your heating system. Below you will find five signs that this is the time.

  • Inefficient Furnace

If your furnace or boiler was installed over a decade ago, chances are they are not as effective as you might want them to be. This means for every pound you pay for heating you will only get 60 or 70 pence worth of heat. If you find your energy bills rising every year, it might be a good idea to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace, giving you 90-98.5 % annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). You can instantly reduce your winter heating bills, and get your investment returned in a few years.

  • Cold Spots in the House

In case there is a place in your house where you can never get warm enough, chances are that your heaters and radiators are not at the right place. You can talk to a professional plumber to find out how they can redesign or modify your heating system, or how you can change the layout of your home to make the most out of your energy use and stay warm.

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  • Old Radiators

Apart from the efficiency of boilers, the age and effectiveness of radiators matters, too. You should replace them if they are old, leaking, or have limescale built up inside, preventing the heat from entering the room. This simple home improvement can make a huge difference long term, and make your home appear more contemporary at the same time.

  • Expensive Fuel

You might find that you are using a fuel that is much more expensive today than it was when you got your heating system installed. You can now get Infrared Heating installed at an affordable price, and improve the heat distribution of your home. Choose from underfloor, boiler, or infrared panel heating methods, and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  • You Want to Live In a Greener Home

Sometimes, we only want to change our heating and electrical system to reduce our family’s carbon footprint. There are several government incentives offered for homeowners you can take advantage of. Change your light fittings, install LED, sign up for solar panel deals, or switch to cleaner energy sources. You can check the green incentives offered in your state and find the right solution for your family.

Whether you would like to save money on your heating bills, or improve the appearance and comfort of your home, there is a solution out there that suits your needs. You can replace your old, inefficient system, take advantage of renewable energy, and keep warm in your house in the coming winters without having to pay a high price.

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5 signs you need to upgrade your heating system

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