Seven Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting for Visitors

Seven Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting for VisitorsIn case some of your friends say that your home always looks like a showroom, the solution is not creating a mess, but adding some colour and design on a budget can help. If you want to create a cosy environment for yourself and your friends to enjoy on cold nights, you can make some changes that cost less than a hundred pounds each.

  • Change Your Curtains and Add Colour

A simple way of improving the appearance and comfort of your home is to get rid of those old beige or black curtains that came with it, and add some style and contemporary colours. Check out the Gorgeous Ready Made Curtains | Montgomery offers, and find the perfect match for your current scheme and style. Don’t forget to get some matching tiebacks as well, so you can let light in in the daytime.

  • Get a Unique Rug

Cow Hide Rug in living room

If your living room has laminate flooring or real wood, you might find it too cold to walk on. While real wood and laminate floors are practical and easy to clean, they are not particularly inviting. You can buy an area rug that will make the space better defined, friendlier, and you will see the difference immediately. Choose a colour that is easy to clean, and install non-slip backing to avoid accidents. If your home is contemporary, you might want to go for a geometric pattern or a fluffy rug, but if you live in a cottage, a traditional pattern will be more suitable.

  • Buy an Electric Fireplace

If you don’t yet have a fireplace as a focal point of your living room, it might be time to get one installed. Instead of doing it the hard way, and fitting it inside your wall, you can get a cheap electric version, or even a stylish, modern infrared fireplace that will keep you and your friends warm and relaxed while chatting the night away. There are several designs that create realistic flames, or change colour, getting you in the mood of conversation.

  • Design Your Own Canvas

In case you have always been going for the standard and safe decoration ideas, it might be time to get creative and brave. Get your favourite quotes on a colourful canvas, and get it printed using a reputable company. You might have a favourite wedding picture you would like to display in a prominent position to remind you of the most wonderful day of your life. You might even get some small spot lights over the canvas to illuminate it when it is dark, creating a mood lighting effect.

  • Decorate Your Front Door

Green front door with wreath

To create a curb appeal, you might want to decorate your front door or porch, so it gives out good vibes. Get a few wind chimes, and add a unique house number. Place a large planter box in front of the house, and plant seasonal flowers. Make your porch stand out by getting a unique shoe rack or coat tree. Paint your door if you can, and get a unique welcome door mat.

  • Paint Your Kitchen

If you keep on hiding your kitchen from your visitors, as it looks tired, they will feel like you are not welcoming them. Instead of buying a new one and putting up with the mess for days, you can simply repaint the cabinets or get a professional sprayer to do the job. This way, you can finally start having a conversation with your visitors while you are preparing the tea, and don’t have to leave them alone while you are busy in the kitchen.

  • Change Your Seating Area

It is also possible that your current sofa and suite position is not the best for inviting your friends and having a deep conversation. Rearrange your furniture to prevent people from feeling left out, and make them more comfortable. If you have a corner sofa, make sure that it is comfortable, and there are enough seats for everyone. If you have limited seating, you might get an ottoman stool that can be used when you have more visitors.

In case your friends prefer meeting you in a bar or restaurant, and are reluctant to come around for a chat, you will need to think about what you can do to make your home more inviting and friendlier. The above projects are all easy to implement, and affordable. Look through your living room, examine the front of your house, rearrange the seating, and you will notice a difference in no time.

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Seven Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting for Visitors

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