Organisation Revelations: The New Year Declutter

new year declutter tipsOrganisation is key, when you’re organised you always know where everything is. No more rushing around in a panic looking for lost items, it’s easy to put things away and you know where to look when it comes to finding them- even now, in the middle of January, you might be struggling to find homes for the Christmas presents you received. Especially if you were lucky enough to receive a large haul! Having a big declutter first can help you work out what you already own that needs to be kept or gotten rid of, and how you can organise everything.


Clothes and Accessories

Pull out wardrobes and drawers, going through every item you have. Having three big boxes labelled ‘sell’ ‘donate’ and ‘bin’ can help make the decision process easier. If you have not used something for a long time, will anyone else be able to get some better use from it? Selling items you no longer need can be useful as you could raise cash to pay of those large Christmas credit card bills. If you look at reviews of Shiply and other delivery companies you’ll see it’s easy to get rid of what you no longer need. They offer a cheap way to get your items, even delicate or bulky wholesale items, to your buyer.


Shoes, Coats and Umbrellas

If you’re fed up with tripping over coats and boots near your front door, why not clear out a downstairs cupboard and create a proper space for them? Hanging hooks at children’s height means there’s no excuse for them not to put them away properly. A row of hooks above allow you to hang yours up too. Keep one free for things like umbrellas. Shoe racks help to keep everything organised. Create a system and stick with it, and you will save yourself time and hassle this year.


The Pantry

Another area that can quickly overflow or become messy or disorganised is the pantry. Over Christmas chances are you were hosting parties and doing lots of Christmas baking and things might not have been put back. The start of a new year is a good chance to go through everything and make sure it’s ok. Take everything out and clean the shelves (keep an eye out for pests who love pantries for obvious reasons! Check the dates on everything, and bin anything that’s about run out or is past its best. You could consider decanting everything into glass or plastic jars which will keep pests out and keep everything fresh too. Just use a label maker to make a note of the contents and sell by date.

new year declutter tips

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