Enhancing Your Viewing Experience at Home

Enhancing Your Viewing Experience at HomeIf you’re a big film and Tv buff and you love nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa watching something great on the TV, you probably think that you have it good already. However, there are lots of simple tech additions that can enhance your viewing experience at home so that it’s even bigger and even better than it is right now.

Sound good? Check out these excellent additions to your TV room:



If you’re a TV addict, there are no two ways about it – you need a digital video recorder like TiVo or Sky Q. Why? Because they allow you to record as many as six TV shows simultaneously! That means you no longer have to make difficult choices when the shows you love clash. It also means you can schedule your TV viewing to suit you, rather than the schedulers!


A Freeview Aerial

If you don’t already have one, having a Freeview aerial installed by Aerial Force is a great way of getting high-quality free to air TV channels beamed directly into your home. If you’re using an older aerial, you simply may not be able to pick up all of the channels that should be available to you, which is a shame. So, increase your options!


A Streaming Media Box


If you don’t already have a streaming media box, like the Roku 3 or Apple TV, then you are potentially missing out on thousands of entertainment options. With a Streaming media box, you can turn your Tv set into a smart TV that allows you to watch everything from Youtube to less mainstream streaming sites like Gaia at the touch of a button, no strings attached (you can pick up and cancel subscriptions anytime. Oh, you can find lots of great free entertainment on them too. They’re brilliant.


A Projector

Home Projector System for better TV viewing

If you’re a film lover and going to the cinema is one of the most enjoyable activities in your life, why not make life even better by investing in your own digital film projector and screen? You’ll be able to recreate the atmosphere of the cinema, and more importantly, the big screen of your local Odeon in your own home. It will be amazing!


A Universal Remote

They might be kind of low tech now that we can control a lot of media with our smartphones and tablets, but the universal remote still has its place in any TV addict’s home because it enables you to control the TV, Blu ray player, DVR, etc., from one device. Some modern remotes can even control the lights, so you don’t even have to get up to turn them off before you put on a film!


Voice Control

That being said, if you do want a more high-tech option, you can’t beat a smart Tv like the LG Smart TV, which enables you to use your voice to control the television, so that you don’t have to bother with the remote at all, not when you’re simply watching TV, at least.


Happy Watching!

Enhancing Your Viewing Experience at Home

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