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According to Bloggers – 20 Summer Reads You Just Can’t Put Down, Plus a Giveaway


Summer Reads

I used to be a big reader (at least 40 books a year for the last 10 years) but this year I haven’t managed more than 3 because the pregnancy has just made me so so tired, every time I get into bed or curl up on the sofa to read I seem to doze off. Although I’m hoping I might manage a few more books once bean arrives, I am somehow doubting I will be any less tired! hehe! But, wishful thinking , that I may actually get the chance to read a few books, I thought I would ask a few other blogging friends what their favourite summer reads are and put together a great list of 20 books that you just can’t put down. The top of my list is Sue Perkins new book Spectacles which I received for my birthday last month. I’m a big fan of Sue Perkins after seeing her stand-up live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival about 10 years ago. And if you check the bottom of this post you’ll see I’m also giving away a hardback copy of the book to one lucky reader.  Continue reading


According to Bloggers – 25 Great Guides for First Time Parents


Guides for First Time Parents As bean will be with us in June, (we don’t have long to go now!) I thought I would start reading other bloggers posts and guides for first time parents, things like ‘what you need in your nursery’ or ‘tips on getting by when your sleep deprived’, the usual parenting things when you have a newborn! So I put out a call to some of the awesome Parenting Bloggers out there to compile an awesome list of 25 guides for first time parents covering a huge range of topics that I hope will help just a little when your newborn arrives. I’ve found many of these posts a great resource for handy tips and helpful info on things I hadn’t even considered when I set out looking for parenting posts.

Obviously this list is far from extensive, there are millions upon millions of other helpful blog posts and guides for first time parents out there about parenting and newborns, but these are just a few I have found interesting and helpful to get your started. But don’t forget these are just tips and opinions from other bloggers and parents, you need to decide what is right for you in ever situation of parenting and pregnancy. Don’t feel bad or under pressure to follow any guides out there to the letter, life just doesn’t work like that! We all muddle through somehow though! 

  1. 20 Things I Would Do Differently as a New Parent by Motherhood: The Real Deal 
  2. A New Mums Guide to Surviving the First few Weeks by Mum in a Nutshell
  3. Things I Wish I Knew About Giving Birth by Dear Bear and Beany
  4. 10 Facts That Matter About Babies and Lots That Don’t by The Parent game
  5. Top 10 Newborn Essentials by Family Fever
  6. Parenting: The Real Struggle by A Slice of My Life in Wales
  7. The First 12 Days with a Newborn by Hello Baby
  8. The Secret’s of Motherhood by Lil’s Mirror
  9. What to Expect When You’re No Longer Expecting by Mama Mim
  10. 10 Things I Wish I Had Know About C-Section Recovery by Wonderfully Average 
  11. My Journal Entry the Day After My Beautiful Baby was Born by Daysinbed
  12. Me Vs. The Parenting Books by Life with Baby Kicks
  13. Looking Back, What I’ve Learnt? by Mummy of Two
  14. Advice for my Pre-Pregnancy Self by Chilling with Lucas
  15. Tips for when you need to be away from your breastfed baby by Mum in a Nutshell 
  16. An A-Z of Things Mums Wish They’d Been Told Before Motherhood by Motherhood: The Real Deal
  17. Hospital Bag Checklist by Hello Baby 
  18. Maternity Leave: The Realities by A Slice of My Life in Wales
  19. You Know You Have A Newborn When… By Family Fever
  20. An Open Letter to a Brand New First Time Mum by Eat.Love.Live.London
  21. Wish List for New Mums – Things to Buy and Things to Do by Mel Wiggins
  22. My Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Essentials by Tigerlilly Quinn
  23. Pregnancy Symptoms They Don’t Tell you About by Mrs Helicopter Writes
  24. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had a Baby by Chasing Esme
  25. And finally one from a Dad! Things I Now Know. Nuggets by He’s Done What

Have you written or read any guides for first time parents which have struck a particular cord with you, or that you have found particularly useful? Please link them up below or send me the links as I would love to read some more and share them with my readers.

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According to Bloggers – The Best Places to Visit in Wales – Part 2


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 19.21.48

Wales is jam packed with great places to visit, whether your looking for a beach to while a way a few hours, a great summer holiday destination, somewhere for a quiet coffee, or something exciting for the kids to do, we have it all. 

I recently asked the blogging community for their favourite places to visit in Wales and got such a great range of responses that I had to split this post into 2 parts. You can check out Part 1 here, in it you’ll find some hidden gem beautiful beaches, an Elvis Festival and a quaint traditional welsh village with some great shopping. Continue reading


According to Bloggers – The Best Places to Visit in Wales – Part 1


Places to visit in Wales

I thought it was about time we had another instalment of my According to Bloggers series, and this time I have chosen to focus on travel. As the weather is getting a bit better here in the UK and the summertime is fast approaching most of us will be getting out and about in our local area or maybe on a little summer holiday, so I thought I would ask the blogging community for their recommendation on places to visit in Wales.

I got a huge amount of feedback with places ranging right from the very North to the very South of the country, from castles to beaches and local pubs to great shopping destinations, Wales has a bit of everything. I actually got so many  responses I’ve had to split this post into 2 parts. So this post is jammed with great places to visit in Wales no matter what kind of day out you are looking for, plus you’ll find lots of posts from the lovely blogging community explaining why they love these places so much and giving you some insider knowledge. Continue reading


According to Bloggers – The Best Mascara


Best Mascara

Here with another instalment of ‘According to Bloggers’, if you’ve missed the last two then why not check them out after this post, you’ll find the links at the bottom. This time I asked the blogging community what they thought was the best mascara on the market, and boy did I get a lot of feedback on this one (I’ve even discovered a few I’ve never heard of!) and not just from the beauty bloggers, most women have their own opinion and their own favourite!

This post is packed with the blogging communities favourite mascaras and lots of posts and reviews from the lovely ladies who’ve helped me put this post together. I hope this helps you find your perfect mascara, or maybe introduce you to a new one! If you already have a favourite why not leave it in the comments below, or link me to your own blog review.

Continue reading


According to Bloggers – Best Posts of 2014


best posts of 2014It’s 2015!! Hurray and Happy New Year! Although I will be doing a wrap up of mine and Jon’s year and our best posts, I thought I would do something a little different first. So I asked the blogging community what they thought were their top posts so I could compile an ‘According to Blogger – Best Posts of 2014’ collection. It was really insightful and interesting to see the varied collection of post and topics they came up with, and to see how diverse the blogging world really is. The posts range from fun fashion and beauty, all the way to heavy hitting and deeply personal. So here are the posts they all chose, I hope you find something interesting to read and maybe a new blogger or two to follow.  Continue reading


According to Bloggers – The Best Christmas Movies


best christmas moviesSorry I have been MIA all month ladies, work is crazy busy and I ended up laid up in bed for a week with a bad cold and throat infection. I am pretty much back to health, although work is no quieter, but I have a bit of me time (a whole day off!) so thought I would jump back into my poor neglected blog, and let you lot know that I am still alive!

With that in mind say hello to my new little blogging series “According to Bloggers” where I will be asking bloggers from all areas of the internet their opinion on everyday things.

With Christmas just days away I figured a few of you might actually have a few days off from work and can indulge in some festive movie fun! There really is nothing better then snuggling up on the sofa, under a big blanket, with your other half or your little kiddies, turning on the christmas tree lights and watching a great movie. So I asked the blogging community what their favourite christmas movie is? Continue reading