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Tips for a Calm and Productive Home Office Space


tips for a clam and productive home office space As you all know me and Jon run our own photography company which means we do most of our work from our home office, which happens to be situated across the back wall of our living room. We have a huge wooden topped desk made from an Ikea kitchen work top and Ikea kitchen cabinets, sounds random but it was the best way for us to get a really large work space for the two of us, and it perfectly fits the available space we had. It’s also a great crafting and blogging space for me and allows us to be organised and have the ability to interact with each other when we need to. 

Working from home sounds like a dream to most people, and it can be great, but it can also be super difficult to focus on work rather than procrastinate doing stuff around the house, or get distracted by other things (especially with the little dudes arrival). That is why having a calm and productive work space can be really important, me and Jon have got some tips and tricks we use to allow us to get work done even with a 7 month old whirl wind in the room. Continue reading