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Top Man Cave Essentials


man cave essentialsMen, we pretty much all love our gadgets, i know i do. When i was a student i had an obsession for hifi equipment and speakers and at one point i had a kick ass 5.1 surround sound system with full size speakers for the rear speakers, floor standing speakers for the fronts and a 200watt subwoofer. Having a movie night meant pulling out the speakers from the side of the living room and taking over the adjoining kitchen with the speakers and their trailing cables. Fast forward a few years and in our first home i have a slightly simpler system, the tv is hung on the wall ( i used to hate them being wall mounted straining your neck up) and I’ve got a stereo which stays put. On the days when Chantele would go out shopping, visiting or visit friends, id be able to make our house a temporary man cave with the volume up for movies, bass speaker on a few notches more and all of the window blinds closed and sit in my pyjamas for the day, pure bliss.

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