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Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill and Keeping Your House Warm


Tips for reducing your energy bill

We may be approaching the start of spring technically, but it is still very cold, wet and grey in wales, certainly no sign of nice warm weather yet. So while the weather is still rubbish outside I like to hibernate in my nice warm and cozy home. Keeping my home warm and cozy though can sometimes impact on my energy bills. So me and Jon spent some time (and money) last year before our little dude arrived trying to make our home as energy efficient as possible.   

Here are some tips for reducing your energy bill by keeping your house warm and stop it losing heat unnecessarily. There are some really simply tips which you can implement at a low cost, but there are also some bigger tips which might cost more in the short term but will save you lots in the long term and make a long term impact on your home.    Continue reading