What You’ve Missed This Month?

two hearts one roof

Well this marks the end of our first month on Two Hearts One Roof, and we have had a great time so far! Thank you for all those who have stopped by, read our posts, left a comment or followed us via Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest or Google+, we appreciate every one of you, honestly! It took a big leap for me to retire my old blog, Daisy Dayz, but I needed a new challenge and this is it. So if you have only just found us, you have found us part way through the month, or you just haven’t managed to keep up with, I suppose you are wondering what you have missed, here’s the quick low down!

There has been a few home inspiration posts:

There has been some tasty food:

There has been some fun fashion posts

And we’ve interviewed some amazing British designers and artists

Jon wrote a helpful post on choosing the right camera, Chantele explored the great Carew Castle and challenged the Models Own HyperGel nail varnish to last a week (it didn’t!)

Elsewhere, Chantele has been working with FYFO on a ‘backwards styling post’ with some stunning Gwyneth Ruby Shoo Shoes, and she has also been busy guest posting over on Lisahh-Jayne and Doll Face Blog

So that’s a wrap for June! See you next month for more fashion, beauty, food, home design and photography posts …plus a giveaway!!


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