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Kook a Ba

On my little trip to Saunderfoot with my girlies a few weeks ago we visited the Kook-a-Ba Restaurant, we always go there when we go away as the food is just so yummy! It is an Aussie themed restaurant so you can partake in some ‘down under’ grub and drinks! If you ever decide to go make sure to book as it gets super busy in the summer months as it is very popular. For now here is what we had and what I think about the place! It’s just a ‘she says’ review again though as it was only me and my girlies there.
In the past I have had the Kanagroo and Ostrich steaks, but on our last visit sadly the Ostrich had been taken off the menu, so I tried the belly pork ribs instead. It is becoming a little less Aussie to be honest, but they are probably just catering to their clientele.

Drool at the yummy food and huge portions!!
Kook a ba
My belly pork was amazing, falling apart and huge! I had 3 huge ‘ribs’ and only managed 2! The dog enjoyed the 3rd hugely. My girlfriends had the surf and terf (steak and prawns), the minted lamb and the Baramundi – all said the dishes were great and perfectly cooked – as they always have been in the past. You get a huge portion of fries with every dish and a little salad on the side. Plus they bring 6 sauce dishes to the table, which we always enjoy as they include different relish and chutneys.

This time we had a really fresh and sweet rose wine between us, called Gold County, which I would advise if you like a sweetish wine, it tasted of strawberries!

The price point is really good considering the size of the portions, almost american size! So I would advise it if you like BBQ food, a good piece of meat and have a huge appetite! 

Hoping I will get a chance to take Jon there this summer, as he has never been and I really think he would like it there.

Has anyone else been there? Or does any know of any other good restaurants locally that I could try and review? You can see their other reviews on Trip Advisor

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