Beauty Week – Makeup Revolution Mascara Review

Makeup Revolution Mascara ReviewSo for the last day of Beauty Week I’m bring you a review of 2 Makeup Revolution Mascara’s. Their Amazing Volume Ultra Black Mascara and their Amazing Length Ultra Black Mascara. The most amazing thing about these is their price, just £2 and £1.50, respectively! I picked them both up at the new Superdrug Beauty Studio in Cardiff as I simply couldn’t resist trying out a mascara this cheap, just to see if it was actually any good! I usually spend between £8 and £12 on my Mascara but am currently using the Benefit They’re Real Mascara so any new mascara has a lot to live up to.

So first up the Amazing Lengths Mascara. This one has a good brush on it, lots od small plastic bristles which seem to hold the mascara well, so I had high hopes for it.Makeup revolution MascaraSo here it is on my actually lashes. Left is nude lashes and right is with the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lengths Mascara. In all honesty it’s not that great, the mixture is quite thin, and this took a few coats to actually show any difference. The brush is good as it seemed to coat most of the lashes in one go, but the mascara just isn’t thick enough to make a dramatic difference to my revolution mascara

On to the Amazing Volume Mascara, off the bat I’m not that impressed by the brush, its quite an old style brush, and it didn’t really seem to collect any of the mascara, except for clumps on the bottom end. I should also say that for some reason the packaging of this one feels cheap, compared to the Amazing Lengths one, I don’t know why they are in different style packaging, but they revolution mascara reviewSo here it is on my lashes! Left is nude right is with the Amazing Volume Mascara. This one is even worse! As I thought the brush wasn’t really picking up much of the mixture and it took a lot of attempts to get any kind of coverage, There was no added volume to be honest, if anything it actually lengthened my top lashes more than the lengthening one! But it just left my lashes all spindly, not impressive!makeup revolution mascara review

So here is the final result, the top picture is my names lashes and the bottom is Amazing Lengths on the left and Amazing Volume on the right. Of the 2 the lengthening is a little better, and has applied better to my lashes, but neither are particularly revolution mascara reviewSo to be honest I wouldn’t purchase either of these 2 again, apart from the ‘Amazing’ price, sadly there is nothing ‘amazing’ about either of them. They may only be a few quid, but you would be better off purchasing a Rimmel or Maybelline one instead.

Of all the Makeup Revolution items I have now tested, these were the worst, but the Lip Geek lippy was probably the best. And was totally worth more than £2.99!

So I hope you enjoyed Beauty Week! If you would like me to do more beauty reviews or another dedicated week on another topic please leave us a comment below.

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  1. July 25, 2014 / 4:55 pm

    I’m always tempted by Makeup Revs Price tags but I think I’ll be sticking with Benefit They’re Real mascara (My fave too!). Have you tried the eyeliner yet? Think I’m going to review it in a few days!
    Love Lucinda xx

    • Chantele
      July 28, 2014 / 8:03 pm

      Oh no I haven’t tried that. I don’t usually buy much makeup I just went on a bit of a spend when I saw this line, knew I could review it all on here too!