Adding some LOVE to your house

Love sign

Usually I’m not actually a big fan of text type signs all over your house, but I ocassionally spot some homewares typography that I just love! And thats what happened when I found this large metal work LOVE sign, it’s quite industrial looking and matches the appearance of the lamp Jon has on his desk just below these shelves (I’ll have to do a ‘House so far’ post at some point!) and it fits really well with the general style of our home. What is amazing is I actually found this in Wilko’s for £15! Total score! Total Bargain! So obviously I had to have it, and now it takes pride of place on our new living room shelves, which are a work in progress.

Here is a few ways you could add a little LOVE in to you home. Here are 5 real homes featuring awesome Love signs, plus a few are DIY’s so you could always make your own versions.

Love for your home - love sign

But if DIY isn’t your thing, here are a few Love signs you can buy yourself. From plaques, to lights, to prints. There are lots of awesome options out there.

Love for your home - love sign

Have you added a little love to your home? I would love to see what other do

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