Guest Post from VegBurge – Top 5 Veggie Burger Recipes

Veggie Burger Recipe

Today’s guest post is enough to make your mouth-water. I am a big fan of veggie burgers and todays guest post is written by Rhiannon from VegBurge, a veggie food blogger who loves nothing more than making and eating veggie burgers. Here blog is jammed full of great veggie recipes and some truly invented veggie burger recipes! When she isn’t blogging Rhiannon is a freelance writer and photographer.

Here are her top 5 veggie burger recipes. Over to Rhiannon…

I am just obsessed with veggie burgers, as anyone who knows me can attest. Every time we go out to eat I just have to have one – which is why I soon started trying to make them for myself. There are so many variations out there, and so many different ways you can go. Here I’ve collected my top five veggie burger recipes, rated not only by how good they taste, but also by how easy they are to make!

1. Beetroot and feta patties (BBC Good Food)

This one is definitely my favourite in so many ways. First of all, it’s really easy to make. I’ve messed it up in at least three different ways before, and it still turns out great. I prefer to make big patties instead of mini ones, and they still cook well. The mixture binds together perfectly, which is unusual for most veggie burger recipes, and they look like minced beef if you squint. The taste is absolutely amazing – creamy and sweet and salty and melty all at once! Hugely recommended for any occasion.

2. Portobello mushroom burgers (Chocolate Covered Katie)

I’ll be honest – I haven’t actually tried this burger recipe myself. But look at it – it’s so tasty looking! Plus, as a big fan of portobello mushrooms, I’ve had probably just about every variation going that you can think up for this burger. There’s just something satisfying about getting that huge slab of mushroom “meat” in your bun! Getting the accessories right is a hugely important part – I love spinach, lettuce, avocado, garlic mayonnaise, and red onion, in any order or combination you like. 

3. Quinoa and turmeric fritters (Deliciously Ella’s book)

I was so unsure about these before I started making them. Basically, I’m not a huge quinoa fan at all. I do however love a lot of Ella’s recipes, so I decided to give it a go. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. Even more so when we reheated the left over burgers the next day and dressed them in sweet chilli dipping sauce – it brought a whole new level of flavour to the recipe!

4. Sweet potato veggie burgers (Kathy Patalsky)

Should you actually cook this properly (as I utterly failed to do when I first tried it for my blog!), it’s actually very nice. Sweet potato is one of my favourite things to eat no matter what form it comes in, and this recipe makes it into something that you can really enjoy in burger form. My top tip, which I discovered by accident with the first batch, is to add a little maple syrup when cooking them. It adds a smoky sweetness which hugely lifts the burgers.

5. Sweet potato burger scones (VegBurge)

So these were a complete accident – I wanted to make my own sweet potato burgers, but came out with something decidedly scone-ish. These don’t really need bread buns, but otherwise they can function much like a burger. Weirdly, they are delicious, going well with avocado and cheese as toppings. You might struggle to wrap your head around this one, but it’s worth a go!

Thank you so much to Rhiannon for her great top 5 post, it’s made me quite hungry!

Which of these veggie burger recipes takes your fancy? Or do you have a foolproof veggie recipe of your own that you like to use.


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