Guest Post from Twinderelmo – Top 5 Kids TV Characters I Just Can’t Stand!

Kids TV Characters

Morning all! I’m still spending some quality time with my little bean so here to hold down the fort whilst I am gone is Beth from Twinderelmo. This time she is talking all about Kids TV characters…the characters she just can’t stand! hehe! I’m lucky enough not to have been subjected to most of these so far, but sadly I know its only matter of time! So over to Beth…

With three children, it’s fair to say I’ve watched my fair share of kids to over the years. Some I like, some I can tolerate and others that drives me to despair. But you have to suffer it for the sake of your little darlings.

Sinister as it may sound, I’ve created quite the hate list of characters; please tell me I’m not alone?

Pedro Pony from Peppa Pig – WHAT. A. MORON. Seriously, he’s always late, always losing stuff and his slow annoying voice grates on me. Don’t get me started on when he breaks his leg and gets those nurses to wait on him hand and foot. Does he not KNOW the nhs is in crisis?!

Norman Price from Fireman Sam – Oh what a little shit. If he lived in your town you’d be wanting an ASBO slapped on that annoying little troublemaker. If ever there’s a candidate for a life of in and out of prison… And it annoys me he is ginger because ginger people are ace. Except naughty bloody Norman.

Dora the Explorer – How can one character evoke so much rage from a 30 year old Mother? Her voice. Her hair. Her bloody back pack (back pack) I have an irrational hatred and honestly can say we never get passed her saying a few words before the Tv is turned off. She’s too creepy; standing there staring at me and judging my answer to her inane question. No Dora no.

Josie Jump from Balamory – Josie love, chill out. Stop being so perfect and healthy. No I don’t want to jump up a little higher or wave my hands. I want to sit and stuff four cakes in my mouth whilst my kids watch this show. Ps yellow trackie, really?

Mr Tumble – I know, I know. It’s like kicking a puppy but honestly? He is so ruddy annoying. His bumbling ways and annoying nose beeping. Beep off Tumble!

Thank you Beth for this post, I love a good honest mum post and I know this subject will resonate with lots of my mum (and dad) readers out there.

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  1. July 5, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    hahaha! I love this! I agree with everything!
    Dora is my most hated character….Her voice! Grr x