Top 5 Geeky Things I’d Splash Out On If I Won Some Money On The Lotto

Geeky Lotto Wish listSo, I know that if we were to ever win the lottery we would invest in property and go on trips of a life time, but I’ve always said that if we won, I’d be sat on Amazon for a few hours ticking off items on my wish list. I’m a proper technology geek at heart and let face it I do love my toys. So just for giggles, heres 5 things I’m secretly pining for but Chantele wont let me get ( party pooper!).

1. All the bits and pieces I would need to build my own Hackintosh computer. For those who dont know what one is, it’s a custom built computer that is capable of running Mac software and operating system. We both use 2011 iMacs which do what we need real well, but as we upgrade our cameras and software becomes more demanding, i would love to future-proof myself and build a mean powerful machine to last the next 5 years.
2. A Sony A7RII camera and a bag full of Zeiss lenses. Im totally fascinated by cameras and the technology they are packing into mirrorless camera bodies these days, and Zeiss make some of the most beautiful looking and performing lenses you can buy. We are settled into the Nikon system, so playing with a new camera brand would be cool.
3. Home automation/wifi connected switches – everything. We’ve got some simple wifi plugs to turn stuff on and off, but having every light bulb, socket and heating connected via apps with controllable mood lighting would be amazing.
4. A kick ass drone! Ive seen some amazing photography created using drones, so to dabble in a different point of view would be so much fun, plus Chantele is getting more into video so i know she would love to steal it from time to time.
5. A 4k projector. We have a mini projector for the studio, its nothing special and it needs to be pitch pitch black for us to be able to see the picture well so upping the projector game is high on the list.

We do occasionally do the lottery, usually the Euro Millions but this week we are trying our hand at the US PowerBall thanks to Lottoland! Its the biggest value lottery in the world so it’s worth a gamble right? Lottoland have kindly given us £25 credit to have a little flutter on their site so cross your fingers for us, I promise we’ll share if we win it big! (hehe!) Lottoland allow you to play lotto’s from all over the world even though you live in the UK, they do this by matching the lotto win should you guess the correct numbers, so the winnings are paid directly by them not the official lotto providers. Still all the fun though! Right now we just have to wait until the weekend!

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