How To Create The Ultimate Retro Style Bedroom For Your Child

Retro style bedroom inspiration Do you ever look at your child’s bedroom and reminisce on how much more vibrant, interesting and cool your own bedroom was when you were young? The childhood bedroom is a place that really sticks out in your mind, as it’s the room you spent so much of your time, therefore it’s important to create a bedroom that your child will love and remember forever. If you want your little one to experience life through a different era, or you simply have a die-hard back to the future fan on your hands, then take a look at this guide on creating the perfect retro style children’s bedroom.

Pick a time period

The first step in giving your child’s room a vintage re-design is deciding what time period you’d like the room to represent. When it comes to interior design, each era has a special quality that separates it from the trends of today. Whether you choose the bold, abstract prints of the 60’s, disco inspired decor of the 70’s or preppy prints of the 80’s, or just decide to merge a range of era’s together, work out how you want your child’s room to look before you begin.

Decorate the walls

When you were younger, what colour were your bedroom walls? Were they baby pink, lime green, or just filled with he-man and mutant ninja turtle collages? If you can remember, you’ll understand what an important part walls play in any bedroom, which is why they’re such a vital element in the room’s decor. For your child’s walls, go for vivid colours and abstract printed wallpapers to really capture that vintage feel.

Choose a retro bed

If you’re re-decorating a bedroom with a particular theme in mind, you’ll want to ensure that every element of the room fits the aesthetic, and the type of bed you choose can have a big impact on this. There are lots of retro style beds out there to choose from, such as Steens beds in a range of eye-catching designs that should compliment all those bright colours and prints perfectly.


Chances are when you were younger you weren’t blessed with the most attractive bedroom floor, with the likes of tired brown carpets and dull tiled floors being a popular choice back in the day. Wooden and laminate floors are a lot more frequent these days, so opt for large rugs in similar patterns and shades as the rest of the room for an easy, modernised way to add some retro influence to your child’s bedroom.


Accessorising might be the most fun part of decorating any room, which is especially true in this case! There’s so many amazing accessories to choose from when creating a vintage inspired child’s bedroom. Scour vintage shops and car boot sales for any bits and bobs you can find, such as old fashioned radios, clocks and lamps. Also think of TV shows, movies and trends that were big in the past and are still relevant today, like Star Wars or lego, and consider making a feature wall with posters and images for a true ode to your own childhood bedroom.

Here are a few of my favourite retro style bedroom accessories from Etsy

Retro style bedroom inspiration Wooden Clock / Balloon Lamp / Retro R2D2 Print / Lego Bedding / Comic Pillow  

Etsy is my favourite place to shop online for unique homewares and accessories to dress every room in the house, but I especially love it for little dudes room. If your looking for more creative ideas for little ones rooms check out the Editor’s Picks for Babies and Kids.

Do you have any other ideas of ways you can create a retro inspired child’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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