Autumn Favourites – What I am Loving At The Moment

Autumn Favourites - What I am Loving At The Moment So today’s prompt from Hex Mum Blog is LOVE and of course the obviously thing to talk about would be mine and Jon’s relationship but we have an upcoming vlog talking all about our ‘Love Story’, about how we got together and how our relationship has progressed over the years. So instead of covering my LOVE story today I am instead going to do a bit of an autumn favourites list of the stuff I am LOVING at the moment.

I am LOVING decluttering and organising our house – I started to KonMari our house last month (If your not sure what that is, it is a decluttering and organising method by Marie Kondo) and I have been filming and documenting it all for our YouTube channel. It feels like a weight is being lifted when you clear out a lot of unused, unwanted clutter. Our home seems to have lots more space which is lovely, tidying is already getting easier and we are organising our belongs to make life simpler and more efficient  

I am LOVING adding small personal touches to our home decor – new succulentsThe decluttering has lead to our spaces seeming far cleaner and more open, so we are now starting to curate the objects we keep in our home and are adding more personal items instead, plus some greenery (like my ) to bring life to our areas

I am LOVING watching Elian change on an almost daily basis – Little dude is 16 months old now and is growing and changing so fast it is scary and amazing all at the same time. His personality is really coming through now, which is cheeky, naughty, full of fun and inquisitive. He loves exploring things and touching everything! His giggle is infectious and he runs everywhere! He is starting to test out his speech and sometimes copies what you are saying, he still doesn’t talk much just mama, dada mostly, but he definitely knows how to shake his head to say no! We love him so much!

I am LOVING YouTube! Learning how to edit and documenting our life together – Ok so I only started making videos last December when I decided to do Vlogmas. I made videos on and off for a few months but started really enjoying editing and learning new camera skills about 2 months ago. Capturing little dude as he grows and changes is amazing and is something we will be able to treasure in the future. You should go check out our YouTube channel, I am so chuffed with how it is coming together and it is slowly starting to grow now I am becoming consistent with my uploads (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)  

I am LOVING planning the festive season – Yay! So we have Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas to look forward to over the next few months. Little dude was tiny at all these festive events last season, so although we celebrated them he didn’t really participate much, but this year he is older and hopefully we can enjoy the festivities a bit more. We have already booked in to visit a local pumpkin patch, we will do a firework display locally and of course then christmas prep can start and this year we want to cram in lots of awesome events and fun stuff. (All of which we will document on the Vlog and here)

So that is everything I am LOVING at the moment! What are you guys autumn favourites? Anything special for this autumn season?

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  1. October 12, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    I do love this time of year….I’ve been planning for Halloween and Christmas. I can’t wait 😀 x

    • Chantele
      October 14, 2017 / 2:30 pm

      I just love the fall, was never a halloween fan before but will be enjoying some halloween fun with our little dude the year

  2. October 13, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    I’m sort of decluttering but I still have an awfully long way to go! #Blogtober

    • Chantele
      October 14, 2017 / 2:33 pm

      Get to it mama! It is so nice to have a far simpler and paired back space, easier to keep clean too!